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I’ve invested in a lot of baby travel gear both before Veda was born, and after.  Some if it has been used once, and some it I will absolutely not travel without.  I’ve tried multiple versions and brands of different products, as well, and will offer my unbiased and tested opinions and recommendations.  Of course, I haven’t tried it all, so if I am missing something, suggestions are welcome!

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Complete Baby Gear Guide for Soon-to-be Traveling Newborn (Checklist and Product Recommendations for all of a new baby’s needs at home and on the go with a downloadable PDF version of the list)

Top 10 Baby Travel Gear Essentials

15 Essentials to Include in Baby’s Carry-On

Baby and Toddler Travel Sun Gear

Toddler Carry-On Bags

Toddler Travel Toys and Activities

Family Passport and Document Holder

Baby wrap

Onya Baby Carrier Product Review: Out and About in Chicago

Diaper bag


Portable crib

Warning: Infant Suffocation in Peapod Portable Travel Bed

Portable high chair/ booster seat

Car seat

RideSafer Car Seat Travel Vest: A Travel-Friendly Car Seat Alternative

Portable potty

Squeezable organic baby food

Portable music

Breastfeeding/ pumping gear

Cloth diapers

Flip Hybrid Diapers for Travel

Point-and-shoot camera

Portable tub

Happy traveling!

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