Baby Gear Consultation

Buying Baby Gear Consultation Service

If you’re overwhelmed with the plethora of baby crap on the market today, let me help you out.  Whether you are expecting for the first or fifth time and need a new stroller or a crib, or are setting out on an international trip with a toddler and aren’t sure what you need or don’t need (mosquito net? stroller?), I am happy to lend my experience.  I’ve tried a lot of baby travel gear and am up-to-date on what’s the best, the most practical, the most economical, etc. of everything from strollers to baby wraps, and the best cloth diapers for traveling.

I will email or call you (your preference) with a set of questions to identify your personal preferences, baby gear needs, and budget.  Based on that I will provide you with the following:

– List of recommended baby gear and reasons why, based on your needs and preferences

– List of baby gear I do not recommend or find unnecessary and reasons why, based on your needs and preferences

– Three options for each recommended baby gear item

– If you are expecting a new bambino and are creating a baby registry, I will provide you with options of where to register based on your preferences

– Once you provide me with your selections, I will purchase the baby gear items online and have them shipped to you, focusing on the lowest price of the selected item I can find and focusing on free shipping options in your country of residence

The cost for my time to provide the service to you above are as follows, so you can enjoy your pregnancy and time with your kids instead of spending time online trying to find the best gear at the best prices:

– Providing a list of all recommended baby gear items for a new parent starting from scratch and purchasing all items: $175 (does not include cost of actual items)

– Creating a baby registry of all the recommended items at stores of your choosing: $65

– Providing a list of all recommended baby travel gear items for an upcoming trip or general travel and purchasing all items: $85 (does not include cost of actual items)

I am available to provide this service internationally, and will focus my shopping on stores and businesses that ship in your area.  Drop me an email if you are interested in discussing working with me on gearing up baby or have questions about the service.  I am happy to customize to your needs.

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