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Traveling with a toddler or baby can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  I’ve done a lot of traveling as a solo parent with a little babe and toddler, so it’s my area of expertise.

Are you embarking on a family vacation or a work trip that involves your little ones?  Could you use some help in identifying kid-friendly places to stay within your budget?  What about reserving airline tickets on the most kid-friendly airlines?  Or identifying fun things to do with the kids once you arrive at your destination based on your family’s interests?  Making sure you have everyone’s documents and visas in order?

As laid back as I pretend to be, I love planning for travel.  I love searching for the best travel and airfare deals, researching fun places to go, and making sure that everything is prepared in advance to ensure that the journey and the trip are as stress-free and enjoyable as possible- so that I can embrace being laid back on the journey.

After consulting with you to determine your travel budget and preferences, I will do all the research and provide you with recommendations and options.  I will take the same care in searching for the best of the best, as I do when I plan my own family’s travels.  After you tell me your preference for the options I offer to you, I will make all of the reservations and do all logistical planning for you.  The travel planning consultation includes:

– Provide you with three different destination options based on your family’s preferences, budget, and time away

– Inform you of any need visas and requirements for your destination and provide you with contact information to the consulate or a visa/ passport application service with step-by-step instructions on how to complete everything

– Provide you with a comprehensive but readable list of age-appropriate travel immunizations and health recommendations for travel to your destination from the CDC

– Reserve airfare (after providing you with three itinerary options) and request special seats and meals

– Reserve accommodation (after providing you with three options)

– Reserve or plan transportation at destination (after providing you with three options)

– Reserve tour or vacation package OR if you’re not into packages (I’m not) I can offer you three different schedules with planned activities at your destination based on your preferences

– Provide a customized printable checked bag and carry-on bag packing list for all traveling family members based on your destination and itinerary.  I include the essentials and the optional items for your consideration, focusing on packing light.

– Provide a “To Do” List for any additional planning or preparation that requires action on your part

– Answer any questions you have (from food to jet lag concerns specific to your family)

Let me be your pseudo travel agent, only one that is completely focused on custom-tailoring your trip for your travel with toddlers, babies, or older kidlets.  All communication will be via email, or by telephone if you have a preference.

If you’re overwhelmed with the plethora of baby crap on the market today, let me help you out.  I will help you identify what you need, and the best of the best of the baby gear in the same way I identify what I purchase for my own family.  Whether you are expecting for the first or fifth time and need a new stroller or a crib, or are setting out on an international trip with a toddler and aren’t sure what you need or don’t need, I am happy to lend my experience.  I’ve tried a lot of baby travel gear and am up-to-date on what’s the best, the most practical, the most economical, etc. of everything from strollers to baby wraps, and the best cloth diapers for traveling.

I will email or call you (your preference) with a set of questions to identify your personal preferences, baby gear needs, and budget.  Based on that I will provide you with the following for a baby gear consultation:

– List of recommended baby gear and reasons why, based on your needs and preferences

– List of baby gear I do not recommend or find unnecessary and reasons why, based on your needs and preferences

– Three options for each recommended baby gear item

– If you are expecting and creating a baby registry, I will provide you with options of where to register based on your preferences

– Once you provide me with your selections, I will purchase them online and have them shipped to you, focusing on the lowest price of the selected item I can find and focusing on free shipping options

I am available to provide this service internationally, and will focus my shopping on stores and businesses that ship in your area.  Drop me an email if you are interested in discussing working with me on gearing up baby or have questions about the service.  I am happy to customize to your needs.

Do you specific travel planning questions or baby gear questions?  Chances are you can find it here in my blog.  If not,  drop me an email and I am happy to answer or create a blog about a specific question that you have (that’s free!).

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