We’ve traveled to many destinations, urban and rural, when I was pregnant and with a baby/ toddler in tow.  Click on each city or country name to read more about the places we’ve been pregnant or with baby.  Each also contains ratings (on a scale of 1-5) based on how baby-friendly they are in terms of: getting around, health & safety, breast-feeding friendliness, finding baby stuff, and things to do.

There are many resources available on the internet about recommended places to travel with young babies and children.  This is a great resource for travel to many U.S. cities and European destinations.  This is not the focus of my places guide.  Many of the places I’ve traveled with my baby, and pregnant, are not places that I’ve picked out specifically to take my child, but rather places I’ve been because of work and so took the opportunity to travel and explore with a baby.

I’ve found that many of the things I did before having a baby I can still do.  Okay, I won’t be white water rafting, kayaking in class four rivers, shark diving, bungee jumping, paragliding, or listening to live music at a bar until 3am (we can cut out any adventure/ extreme sports activities as well as night life) unless there is a caregiver traveling with you that can watch baby while you go toy with death or enjoy a night out without baby.  However, things like hiking, going to restaurants, and walking around sight-seeing can easily be done with babies and small children.

The Destination Guide provides my experience and insight on enjoying and preparing for travel and exploration to some destinations of the world, even if it they might not make it to the Top 20 (over even Top 100) places to take kids.  I would love to add more content about places in the world other traveling moms and dads have gone with babies/ small children that are not necessarily kid-identified hot spots.  Please reply with a comment or email me  if you have information on enjoying and exploring other destinations with babies.

Also, every Saturday I will feature a blog on exploring a specific destination with babies and small children.  Check out my blog on Safari Saturdays, and please email or comment with your own destinations you’ve explored with babies or small children to be featured.

Happy exploring!   I am in the process of updating each location with content.  Thank you for your patience as I continue to add new content to this list. 

U.S. Cities

Ann Arbor


New York



The Czech Republic







South Africa



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