Are you looking for Gypsy Momma’s E-book Rough Guide to Travel with Babies e-book?  The E-book is right now a work in progress, but I plan on making it available to traveling mommas and pappas by end of the summer 2012 (let’s say September, 2012!).

The e-book will be a resource-rich guide that parents can easily use at whatever stage of travel they are at, whether it’s a pregnant traveling momma wondering if there’s a good way to prevent swollen ankles on a flightdeciding what baby stuff to pack or leave behindlosing your mind on a long flight trying to keep a busy toddler entertained, or struggling with a baby up at three in the morning with jet lag.

My idea is to take much of the existing information that can be found in my blog covering every topic from baby wearing and breastfeeding to getting through airport security easily.  I plan on organizing all of the information into sections relevant to parents at the time of traveling, whether it’s planning, flying, or during the trip, and then include chapters that can be easily accessed as needed within each section.  I also want to include age-specific, climate-specific, and trip-duration specific packing lists in the planning section.

Are there certain topics, no matter how big or small, about traveling with babies or traveling pregnant that you’d like to see included in an e-book format?  Please email me and let me know!  I’d love to hear from you so I can create a comprehensive e-guide on traveling with babies.

I intend on having the book professionally edited and formatted for e-reading.  I will give away the completed e-book for free for 48 hours once it’s published and ready to go.  Please subscribe to my blog by clicking on the “Follow me” button on the right hand-side of the sidebar of my homepage to receive blogs and updates on the status of the book and publishing, and to get your free copy before I sell it for $2.99- $3.99 per instant download.

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