What I love about the family bed- my family crashed in our hotel bed after a long day in Mumbai

Co-sleeping, or probably more accurately called bed sharing in our case, is a very safe and natural option that has been practiced around the world since the beginning of mankind.  And look at our thriving population growth today!

Although we started out with a crib, Pack’N’Play, and a Co-Sleeper before our daughter was born, we found on the first day of her life that the place that we felt she was most safe was snuggled up in my arm.  Since then we’ve lightened the load, making travel much easier, too!  Co-sleeping makes travel convenient with a baby because it’s less luggage to lug around and pay for.  You don’t have to worry about the size of the room or if a crib can be accommodated, because baby is right in bed.  Co-sleeping helps baby feel safe and secure, snuggled up to a familiar body while traveling in an unfamiliar place.  Co-sleeping is key in helping a baby or toddler adjust to jet lag or a new time zone.  Co-sleeping is an integral part of a traveling parent’s arsenal.

The co-sleeping resources below discuss the benefits of and research on co-sleeping and safe co-sleeping habits.


Dr. Sear’s: Safe Co-Sleeping Habits

Dr. McKenna’s Mother-Baby Sleep Laboratory at University of Notre-Dame


Evolutionary Parenting: Sleep

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