Cloth Diapering

cloth diapering
Veda sporting her Happy Heinys Silly Monkey Cloth Diaper in Amman

Cloth diapering is part of our routine and life style as we travel around the world with our toddler.  We’ve used them since she was born, and I’ve found myself relieved to use cloth diapering many times on the road.  It makes packing and traveling convenient because I don’t have to worry or guess how many diapers I should pack or worry about finding the right diapers at the right price once I arrive at my destination.  Cloth diapering allows me to travel to countries that have poor sanitation and waste collection services without feeling guilty that disposable diapers are ending up in river beds, forests, and backyards.  Cloth diapering is comfortable and more healthy on my baby’s bottom, relieving me of worry about diaper rashes and creams while we are traveling.

The following are great resources for everything you want to know about cloth diapering, from the benefits of using them, selecting the right ones for your baby and travel, using them, and washing them.

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