Baby Wearing

baby wearing, Onya Baby
Wearing Veda on me backpack style

Baby wearing is critical to the most comfortable travel for a mom and/or dad traveling with an infant or toddler.  Beyond the known benefits including keeping baby safe and secure, it makes traveling with baby a lot easier.  It frees up hands when juggling passports and tickets, it keeps baby calm while standing in and going through airport security.  In many places of the world where sidewalks don’t exist, it keeps baby much safer than in a stroller.  It helps baby adjust to jet lag and time zone changes.  Baby wearing is a must for traveling moms and dads.

The following sites have useful information on baby wearing, including research, the benefits, different styles, latest safety guidelines and recall information, and why it is one of the attachment parenting fundamentals:


The Baby Wearer

Dr. Sear’s: Baby wearing

Attachment Parenting International: Baby wearing

Attachment Parenting Doctor: Baby wearing


Evolutionary Parenting: Baby wearing

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