Complete Baby Gear Guide for a Soon-to-be Traveling Baby

Complete Baby Gear Guide for a Soon-to-be Traveling Baby

When I was pregnant with my first baby I scoured the net looking for the best gear, from cloth diapers and breast pumping gear to strollers and car seats.  I bought some stuff that I really love, but that really only works at home.  Since we travel with baby frequently, I found myself buying second sets of expensive items to make our travel easier with more travel-friendly stuff.

Now that we are expecting another baby and I’m trying to wade through my baby stuff to de-clutter and get rid of stuff that we seldom use and streamline our baby travel gear, I thought I’d share with other parents my own master baby gear checklist with recommendations of baby gear that can work well for you at home or on the road.  This list is intended for the needs of newborns through six months (although many things will work beyond that to toddler age).  It is comprehensive, covering everything a baby will need at home or on the road.  However, it might also be useful for anyone traveling with a baby, whether it’s a first or fifth, to check-out the latest in baby travel gear essentials.

You will find below a shopping list below with links to the products that I recommend (no one’s paying me or giving me anything to put these recommendations here- this is the stuff that I use and love).  Each product is followed by a short explanation why the product is being recommended and considered essential for traveling parents.  Take a deep breath– it’s a long list!  Does baby really need all this stuff?  If you don’t find something on this list, than I personally don’t find it essential, but all of these things I find essential and utilitarian.

BABY GEAR GUIDE FOR AN INFANT (Click here to download the shortened shopping list).



There are lots of reasons to cloth diaper, from saving money to saving the environment.  There are also lots of cloth diapers available on the market.  The recommendations below are not to say that other brands and styles are not fantastic, because they are (Check out All About Cloth Diapers for recommendations and cloth diaper reviews).  I just find these to be the most effective, economic, practical, and travel-friendly in my own experience.

(6) Newborn Prowrap Classic Diaper Covers ($7.99 each/ $47.94 total)

baby travel gearEven one size cloth diapers are usually way too big for tiny newborns, but it can be expensive buying cloth diapers that you will only use for the first 1-3 months.  This is an effective an economic option.  The diaper covers can be wiped or rinsed clean and re-used throughout the day, so six covers is enough for about two days worth of diaper changes, to be used with multiple cloth inserts.  If you don’t want to do laundry ever day, consider buying three more diaper covers.

(4) six packs of  Size 1 OsoCozy 100% Unbleached Cotton Prefold Cloth Diapers ($11.99 per six pack/ $47.96 total)

baby travel gearThese are an economical and effective option to use tri-folded in a panel inside the newborn diaper covers.  It’s easy, quick, and they should dry quickly on the line if no dryer is available.  Twenty-four prefolds will work with the six covers above to provide a couple day’s worth of diapers (24 total) so that there is always a clean set and a dirty/ being washed and dried set.  Consider buying six more if you want to do wash a little less often or have more of a dirty diaper buffer.

(3) six packs of Flip Hybrid Day Pack Diapers ($49.99 for 2 reusable one size shells and six reusable cloth inserts/ $149.97 total)

baby travel gearThese are effective, economical, and travel friendly one-size snap cloth diapers.  The shells can be wiped/ rinsed clean and re-used several times with fresh cloth inserts, plus they are hybrid so they can also be used with disposable, biodegradable inserts on the go.  A total of 18 should be sufficient for older infants and babies to last two days to always have a clean set and dirty/ being washed set.  If you are interested in using the disposable liners when you are out and about, in addition to the reusable cloth inserts, also purchase an 18 pack of the Flip Hybrid disposable inserts for $5.95.  Read my full review of the Flip Hybrid diapers here.

(5) five packs of Bummis Reusable Fleece liners ($5.58 per five pack/ $27.90 total)

baby travel gearReusable liners are useful to protect cloth diapers (especially when using diaper rash cream, even if cloth diaper-safe), and to keep cloth diapers nice and prevent staining.  Babies under six months that aren’t eating solid foods aren’t going to have solid poos, so the liners can just be rinsed or tossed as is in with the dirty diaper bag for wash.  For older babies with solid stuff, I like using flushable liners so it’s easy to dump the solid stuff into the toilet, but for the first six months reusable liners work great.  Twenty-five liners should be sufficient to work with the (24) newborn diapers.

(2) 15 packs of OsoCozy unbleached flannel cloth wipes ($10.95 per 15 pack/ $21.90 total)

baby travel gearIf you already use cloth diapers and are washing them anyway, why not use cloth wipes that will be washed with the diapers, too?  It will save money and the hassle of separating disposable wipes from washable diapers- they all get thrown in the dirty diaper bag.  I personally think thinner wipes are better because there is more control of the wiping and more can fit in a wipes dispenser to pre-moisten or in a smaller case the diaper bag.  Thirty wipes should be sufficient for a two day supply to work with 24 newborn diapers in rotation.

(1) Oxo Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser ($19.99)

baby travel gearThis is really useful if you are using cloth wipes to keep the pre-moistened with water and/or bought or homemade diaper wipe solution.  I spent a lot of time (until recently) filling up bowls of water and wetting cloth wipes as needed, or running back and forth between the bathroom.  This simple wipes dispenser saves me a lot of time and effort, keeping (12-30 depending on the type) cloth wipes pre-moistened and ready to go.  You can, of course do a DIY project and just gussy up a large cheap disposable wipes container.

(2) Large Planet Wise wet bags ($29.99 each/ $59.98)

Baby Travel GearA hanging wet/dry bag is necessary to contain dirty cloth diapers, wipes, and liners.  This one is particularly nice because it zips closed to contain the smell.  It also has a lined front zipper pocket where other dirty items (such as dirty spit-up rags or baby clothes) could be kept during travel, separate from the dirty diapers.  I like hanging bags more than diaper pails because it’s easy to just hang on a door knob, and much easier to just dump into the washer right along with the dirty contents in it.  It’s useful to have two so there is always a clean one if the other is dirty or being washed/ dried.  This specific brand is sturdy, water-resistant and well-designed.

(1) Medium Planet Wise wet bag ($16.50 each): This is zippered, lined, waterproof, and sturdy. It’s also roomy and can hold up to 8-9 cloth diapers.  This medium size is great for long plane or day trips, or for dirty clothes, spit up rags, etc. on outings or day trips.  Only one is necessary at this size for the large amount of stuff it can contain.

(2) Small Planet Wise wet bag ($9.50 each/ $19.00 total): These smaller bags will hold a few dirty cloth diapers, and are essential to keep in the diaper bag for shorter outings to keep dirty diapers contained from the rest of the diaper bag.  It’s useful to have two so that there is always a clean one available if the other is dirty or being washed and dried.

(2) Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush relief ($8.26 each/ $16.52 total)

baby travel gearThis is effective all-natural salve for diaper rash, including for persistent and inflamed diaper rash possibly caused by yeast.  It can also be effective in treating thrush on nursing nipples, no need to even wash if off before baby nurses.  It’s also safe on cloth diapers, meaning that it won’t wreck the cloth material and cause issues with wicking or absorbency that will result in leaky diapers.  It’s useful to have two different jars- one to always keep in the diaper bag, and one to keep at home.

(1) bag Rockin’ Green Classic Rock Bare Naked Babies cloth diaper detergent ($17.95 for 45/90 loads):

baby travel gearThis stuff is super safe for baby as it free of dyes, enzymes, fillers, phosphates, and brighteners and rinses well which is ideal for sensitive skin.  It is super effective at cleaning cloth diapers without leaving residue and leading to wicking, and is travel-friendly as it comes in powdered form and can be easily packed in a suitcase for trips.  It’s also gentle and can be used for regular laundry and baby’s clothes, too.  It also comes in yummy natural scents, with different versions for classic, hard, or soft water.

(1) bag of Funk Rock cloth diaper detergent ($14.95): This stuff is specifically designed to eat away ammonia or cloth diaper funk that sometimes sneaks up.  It can be added to the regular wash once in a while, or used regularly if you want.


I am a big fan of baby wearing, baby carrying, or whatever you want to call keeping baby close on mom or dad.  It’s easier for travel as you can do without strollers while keeping hands free, and provides easy and convenient access for breastfeeding.

(1) Moby Wrap for newborn up ($38.36):

baby travel gearThe Moby Wrap is one of your baby must-have staples.  It keeps baby close and secure, and because it’s just one long piece of material it can be used and shared by mom, dad, grandparents, caretakers, and friends.  It’s great for breastfeeding, and our little one spent most of her first six months napping on us and being transported on us in the Moby- we never used a stroller in the first six months.  It’s also great for soothing and calming baby at home and on planes.  The Moby is snug, cozy, and form-fitting to wearer and baby.

(1) Onya Baby Outback for four months old and up ($149.00)

baby travel gear

You can use the Moby Wrap from birth to toddlers.  However, before my babe reached a year her weight started to make the Moby sag, and she felt less secured as she wiggled a lot.  A nice soft structured carrier, in my opinion, is nice to have after six months or so.  I particularly love the Onya Baby Outback because it works in front or back carry, can be used for large older toddlers, is made of breathable fabric great for hot weather or hiking, and comes with a “sleep hood” that keeps baby’s head snug for napping and out of the sun.  The other great part about the Onya Baby is that after six months old it can double as a seat for baby on virtually any chair, eliminating the need to buy a travel booster or high chair for baby and saving on valuable packing space. Read my full review of the Onya Baby Outback here.


(1) Lily Gold Sit’N’Stroll car seat/ stroller combo for home use and travel ($259.99)

baby travel gear

The Lily Gold Sit’N’Stroll car seat/ stroller combo has traveled with us on every international and domestic trip we have taken since baby was born.  We’ve seriously abused it and it still works great.  We honestly don’t need any other car seat.  It’s FAA-rated so it can be used for a seat on the plane.  It’s lightweight, and wheels and handle pop in and out in less than twenty seconds, making trips through airport security easy, as well as errands at home great.  If baby is sleeping in the car, it’s easy to just pop the wheels out and take baby on errands still fast asleep.  It can be used forward- or rear-facing (birth to 45 pounds), and has the open of using a LATCH and/or a seat belt, which is great when traveling in countries that do not have the LATCH option.  The only drawback to the Sit’N’Stroll is that I wouldn’t use it on rough terrain or every day use as a stroller, but it sure serves it’s purpose for at home car seat/ errand needs and traveling/ shopping needs.  Read my full review of the Lily Gold Sit’N’Stroll here.

(1) JL Childress Gate Check Bag for Car Seats ($12.94)

baby travel gear

If you do plan on traveling frequently with your baby and car seat whether it’s the Sit’N’Stroll or not, it’s worth getting one of these gate check bags.  This is useful if you plan on using the Sit’N’Stroll through the airport, but don’t plan on using it on the aircraft and checking it at the gate.  It’s thin, so it’s not going to protect the car seat from catastrophes or too much bumping and grinding, but it will at least protect it from scuffs, liquids, goo, and dirt when it’s being loaded and unloaded.  It also makes it easy to identify and pick up once you need to get it back.

(1) Jeep Car Seat Travel Bag ($19.98)

baby travel gearIf you plan on traveling frequently with your baby and don’t want to deal with lugging it around the airport, you can consider checking it with your luggage.  Most airlines allow either a car seat or a stroller to be checked for free at no additional cost.  This bag is great for checking a car seat as it is heavy duty so will do a decent job of protecting the car seat.  It is also very roomy and will fit most car seats, with plenty of other room for other stuff (like large lightweight baby toys/ items or blankets).  We often stuff other things along wit the bag since it’s a free additional checked bag.

Recommendations for different stroller choices as follows:

Option #1- don’t use a stroller.  ($0.00)  Yes, I am serious.  They are more hassle than they’re worth, especially when traveling.  Particularly for the first six months when baby is pretty light, it’s much easier to travel, sight-see, move around, and use public transportation without any stroller, and opt for a baby wrap instead- both you and baby will be happier.

Option #2- if you want a stroller that is lightweight, portable, and can be used at home or on travels from newborn through toddler, consider buying:

(1) Maclaren Techno XT ($319.99)

baby travel gearThis is one of the few lightweight umbrella strollers that is suitable from birth to toddler (without having to use a car seat inset).  This bad boy is expensive, but the Maclaren brand is known to last, and will last through multiple kids if having a lightweight portable stroller is important for you from birth,  This model has a fully reclining seat and a UV-protective sun canopy that extends down to your child’s knees when needed. It has adjustable ergonomic handles, making it ideal for taller parents.  It features a built-in carrying handle instead of a shoulder strap that the other Maclarens feature.  It weighs in at 14.2 lbs fully equipped, which is considerably more than some of the other versions under 10 pounds.

The Britax B-Nimble ($160.60) is another much more affordable option to consider in this class as it can be used from birth alone, or can be used with all major brands of car seats.

Option #3- If you want a stroller that is lightweight, portable and can be used at home or on travels from birth through toddler with an attachment for an infant car seat to rest in it, consider buying:

(1) Combi Cosmo DX Stroller ($104.99)

baby travel gear

This stroller is compatible with the Shuttle 33 car seat ($169.95).  It folds in 3 seconds, has a removable guardrail with snack and cupholder, a multi-position reclining seat, and an infant safety boot.  This stroller is 13.4 pounds and comes with a removable, washable seat pad.  It can be used at home or for travels with all the comfortable extras it comes with.

Other options to consider in this class include: Britax B-Nimble Stroller ($160.60) that works with most major car seat brands including Britax B-Safe ($133.99) and Chaperone ($170.99) infant seats and all major brands including Chicco Key Fit 30 ($168.00), Graco Snugride 32 and 35 models, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.

The Quinny Zap ($225.00) works with the Maxi-Cosi infant car seat ($189.99).

Option #4- If you want a stroller that is lightweight, portable, and can be used at home or on travels from six months through toddler, consider buying:

(1) UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller ($119.99)

baby travel gearAt only 8.8 pounds, it’s one of the lightest full-size umbrella stroller on the market.  This stroller has a hand-level folding trigger and it stands when folded.  This has high performance, extra-wide wheels and tires with locking front wheels for added stability, a washable seat pad with staindefend (water repellant, stain resistant fabrics).  It comes with an extended SPF 50 pop-out canopy for extra protection against UV rays.  It’s for children 6 months to 50 pounds, though, so don’t plan on using it with the newborn.  Other options to consider in this class include: Maclaren Volo ($99.94), UPPAbaby G-Luxe ($189.99), Chicco C6 Lightweight Stroller ($79.99), Maclaren Triumph ($151.48)** We use the Maclaren Triumph at home and it has held up- fantastic stroller for moving around bustling sidewalks and public transportation, and the Maclaren Quest Sport ($198.99),

(1) JL Childress Umbrella Stroller Gate Check Bag ($12.98)

baby travel gearIf you are planning on traveling frequently through airports with your umbrella stroller, it’s a good idea to invest in a gate check bag.  It won’t protect the stroller from being crushed, but it will protect it from getting scratched, torn, dirty, or wet when it is being checked and unchecked.  Plus, the bright red bag is useful for locating and identifying your stroller at the luggage carousel or when you are getting off the aircraft.

Optional add-ons depending on season/ travel destinations:

(1) Protect-a-Bub sun shade ($24.99)

baby travel gearThis shade is versatile as it can fit onto most canopied strollers AND car seats.   any car-seat. It is made from specially woven UPF 50+ breathable fabric that offers 98+% protection from the sun’s rays and provides full air circulation. The mesh side ventilation panels allow for 70% sun protection, cross ventilation and maximum viewing. A storage bag is included.This is also available in a twin version for side-by-side twin strollers.  If you are concerned about bugs and mosquitoes, the Deluxe 3-in-1 version includes a full length mosquito net.

(1) The First Years Car Seat Cover ($15.20)

baby travel gearIf you’ll be spending time in cold or harsh climates in the first six months, it’s a good idea to get a car seat cover to keep baby warm and weather out.  This cover has a weather-resistant exterior shield, a cozy fleece interior to keep baby warm, and an elasticized outer band that quickly and securely fits around infant car seats of standard sizes.  This blanket-style design replaces bulky jackets and loose blankets.  JJ Cole Bundleme also has numerous models and styles of a car seat cover for cold or rainy weather that can fit most car seats and strollers.

(1) set of Summer Infant Cushy straps ($4.99)

baby travel gearThere are lots of car seat strap protectors on the market to choose from in many fun styles.  These are particularly useful for newborns and infants to keep them comfortable and prevent their little necks and faces from rubbing up against the rough car seat straps.

(1) Kiddopatmus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support ($11.99)

This provides the newest teeny tiny babies with proper head, neck, and back support during car rides with comfy padding.  It features an adjustable, detachable head support that fits any infant car seat, stroller, bouncy seat, swing, or jogger.  It’s made of soft terry cloth so it’s suitable for year-round use and for warmer climates.  The contours work easily with all harness straps, including 3 and 5 point harness systems.  It’s also machine washable.

(2-3) Sunshine Kids Cool Shades for Car Windows ($5.99 each)

baby travel gearThese are useful if you will be spending time in the car or on road trips in sunny or hot weather to protect baby from UV rays and heat.  This is a cool shade as it simply sticks to the window with static cling, so it’s easy to pack if you are traveling overseas, easy to install in your own car or rental car, and takes up minimal space.

(1) Jeep Mosquito Netting for Stroller or Infant Carrier ($4.49)

baby travel gear

If you will be living or traveling anywhere with mosquitoes, bugs, and especially if there is a risk of malaria, it will be important to have mosquito netting for over baby’s stroller or car seat to protect baby from bites.  This is an economical option that will fit over most strollers and car seats, and easy and lightweight enough to pack for your journey.


(3) Continental Quilting Quilted Waterproof Multi-Use Pad ($12.95 each/ $38.85 total)

baby travel gearRegardless of your sleep arrangement options below, these things are heady at home and for travel.  Whether baby is in bed with you, in a co-sleeper next to you, or in his/her own crib, a waterproof pad is essential.  If you are breastfeeding, you will leak, especially the first 3-6 months.  I often woke up in a wet puddle of milk and did lots of washing.  It’s uncomfortable sleeping on top of a towel.  These are great to sleep on for mom and a nursling in bed to prevent milk leaks, spit-up, and diaper leaks from turning into daily stripping of the bed sheets and laundry projects.  It’s so much easier to just throw this pad in the wash and get a new fresh one out on top of the sheets.  It also serves the same purpose in the crib or on a bed while traveling.  Make sure to get one that is big enough to fit under you and baby.

(1) Kushies Baby Easy Fold Baby Bed for 0-12 months for naps and changing on the go ($58.61)

baby travel gearThis travel bed is suitable for 0-12 months old.  The easy to fold design makes it ideal for travel and can fit in a standard suitcase.  It’s made of lightweight UV protected fabric to keep baby safe from sun when outdoors, and features mosquito netting for added protection from bugs.  There is a padded liner to keep baby comfortable for naps and for diaper changes, and also comes with 3 loops under the canopy to hang baby’s toys.

Other travel bassinet options to consider include: Summer Infant Travel Bed ($29.99) or Brica Fold N’Go Bassinet ($35.99): Even if you are co-sleeping, it’s useful to have a foldable, packable travel bassinet/ infant bed for a safe place for baby to nap on the go.

(1) Summer Infant Slim and Secure Digital Audio Baby Monitor ($51.47)

baby travel gearIf at any point in time during your travels you will be in a different room than sleeping baby, it is a definite must to bring along a baby monitor.  There are many baby monitors on the market, including affordable baby monitors that come with wireless video technology, as well.  We use this Summer Infant digital audio monitor at home and when we travel- we like it because it picks up even very small sounds, and is super lightweight, small, and portable (E.g. packable).  Just don’t forget to bring along (2) dedicated universal power adapters if you are traveling internationally that will always be plugged in to the base and to recharge the handsets.

Recommendations for different sleep choices as follows:

Option #1– If baby is sleeping in bed safely with you, no need to buy anything except the mattress pads ($0.00) OR:

(2) The Shrunks Sleep Secure Inflatable Bed Rail for co-sleeping or for toddlers ($25.99 each/ $51.98): If you are sleeping with baby in bed with you, it helps to have a bed rail to prevent accidents and falls.  These are inflatable bed rails that can be packed in the suitcase and pumped up with the manual pump that comes with them at your destination.  It can be used on the other side of baby at the edge of the bed, and a second can come in handy if you are traveling somewhere and what protection on both sides of the bed, especially for naps.  These will also come in handy later on when traveling with older babies and toddlers to make beds safe from rolls and falls.  We also have the Magic Bumpers which we use right now as a barrier in the full size bed our nineteenth month old is now sleeping in on her own at home.

(1) Bed mosquito net bed cover big enough to cover the entire adult bed.  If you will be living in or traveling to a location with mosquitoes or malaria and plan on sleeping in bed with baby, for both you and baby it is a good idea to bring along a mosquito net bed cover to cover the entire bed to keep the sleeping area protected from bugs and insect bites.

Option #2- If baby is sleeping in bed but you wish to have a barrier:

(1) The First Year’s Safe and Secure Sleeper ($37.72)

baby travel gear

This is intended for newborns until baby can roll over or push up on his/her own, to be used in an adult bed between pillows for parents that want baby close to feed, soothe, monitor, and bond with baby in bed but have a safe barrier for baby.  The head and foot barriers minimize the risk of entrapment.  It is anchored to the bed by a large flap that tucks under the mattress, and has a patented Airflow design and breathable mesh fabric to keep air circulating and baby cool.  It folds for travel and storage with a carrying handle is very lightweight, so it can be used at home or packed in a suitcase for travels.  It comes with a machine washable sheet and cover.

Option #3- If you want baby within arm’s reach but in a separate space, then buy:

(1) Arm’s Reach Co-sleeper Mini Bassinet Convertible ($169.99)

baby travel gear

This is both a co-sleeper that attaches to a parent’s bed so that baby is right next to mom for easy night time feedings and diaper changes, but provides a small barrier.  It attaches to the parent’s mattress with a strap.  It can also be used as a play yard or a free standing bassinet.  It comes with a 100% cotton fitted sheet and a carrying bag, although you probably will want to buy one extra sheet to have one sheet always clean and available if the other is being washed.  It also comes with a carrying bag and is easily folded up and down.  It can be used at home or for travel, as it can be easily thrown in a car trunk for travel, and is on the heavier side (25 pounds) to bring on a flight, but if you really want to it can pack in a large suitcase and can be checked (probably for an extra baggage fee).  This mini version is a bit smaller (34″ x 20″ x 31″) so by the time baby is a year (or before) it will be outgrown.

Option #4- If you want baby to have a completely separate sleep space that will work from newborn to age three, then buy:

(1) Phil & Ted’s Traveller Crib ($172.98)

baby travel gear

At only 7 pounds without the mattress, this crib is much more lightweight than all other travel cribs and Pack’N’Plays.  It’s compact enough to fit in the overhead compartment of a plane (although I don’t know why you’d want to put it there), and can easily fit into a suitcase.  It assembles quickly and easily by clicking together the aluminum frame and popping in the self-expanding therma-rest mattress.  The mattress is insulated to provide a soft and warm base for children newborn up to age 3.  You can also zip down the size for easy access to baby, and can be used as a sleeping space or playpen at home or on travels.

(2) fitted crib/ Pack’N’Play sheets ($9.99 each/ $19.98 total)

(1) Jeep Playpen Netting ($6.99)

baby travel gearIf you will be traveling or living somewhere with bugs, mosquitoes, or a risk for malaria and will be using a crib, it is advisable to also use mosquito netting to protect baby from bites.  If you are using the Phil & Ted’s Traveller Crib suggested above, you do not need mosquito netting as netting is built in to the crib.  However, if you are using any other Pack’N’Play or crib, it is advisable to purchase playpen netting.


(1) Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Diaper Bag ($109.99)

baby travel gear

For long day trips, plane journeys, and hiking adventures with baby, a comfortable and functional diaper bag is essential.  Back-pack style diaper bags are much more comfortable and convenient when traveling through airports or for longer stretches as they distribute the weight more evenly and you don’t have a bag slipping off your shoulder while juggling baby.  The Okkatots bag is fantastic as it is roomy enough to fit diapers and all the supplies you need for the long haul.  Plus it has fantastic organization, including an insulated side pocket for snacks and food and lots of zippered and mesh pockets to keep everything sorted.  This is our bag of choice for our long journeys.

(1) Smaller diaper bag for shorter day trips ($30- $80)

baby travel gearOkay, the diaper bag is one item where it’s useful to have one diaper bag for longer journeys, and a smaller one for shorter trips.  The Okkatots is fantastic for the long haul, but a bit too bulky for scooting around the neighborhood.  We like the Dad Gear Messenger Bag ($78.15) and I love the Vera Bradley diaper bags ($29.95- $79.95) because they are both functional, sturdy, often come with waterproof lining and mesh side pockets, and are cute (although definitely feminine).

(1) Skip Hop Pronto Diaper Changer Kit ($26.96)

This is a baby gear must have, whether you travel or not.  It comes with a detachable wide changing pad, a pocket to fit 1-2 cloth diapers (more disposable), a small case to fill with disposable or pre-moistened cloth wipes, and mesh and zippered pockets to fit diaper rash cream.  Yes, you will have places for all of these things in different pockets of the diaper bag.  But when you are at a restaurant, and especially on an airplane juggling baby and the overhead, this little diaper changer kit greatly improves mommy/ daddy efficiency and decreases frustration and digging around for things.  Just grab the kit and head for the bathroom, knowing that everything you need is right there in one place.  I just stuff 1-2 cloth diapers in, and refill it at my convenience with diapers in my diaper bag.

(1) Conair Travel Smart Sundry Bag ($6.99)

baby travel gearI have two of these bags- one for my own liquid carry-ons (eye drops, lip balm, moisturizer, etc.), and one for baby’s liquid carry-ons (teething gel, teething drops, fever reducer drops, gripe water, etc.).  This is another diaper bag must have for those of you going through airport security.  It’s a sturdy clear one quart bag to keep all liquids organized in one place and easy to pull out and place in a bin at security, rather than fumbling around with liquids placed in different areas of a carry-on and diaper bag, or using zip lock bags which do wear and tear easily.  If you don’t already have something like this to make your clearance through security more efficient, I highly recommend getting one for you and one for baby, as well.

(1) Family passport and document holder ($74.00)

baby travel gear

This is a bit pricey, but well worth the cost.  It’s very high quality and sturdy, and still looks like brand new after numerous international trips and lots of abuse.  It’s the only practical family passport holder I have yet to find that can comfortably hold 4-5 passports, plus credit cards, money, and important documents such boarding passes, itineraries and copies of hotel and car reservations.  This is a must have for frequent traveling families to keep all of your important travel documents in one place that you will have to pull out multiple times.  Before we purchased this we spent a lot of time fumbling through pockets and things would always get jumbled and disorganized- I’m a lot less stressed about losing a passport now.  Just be careful not to lose it since all your stuff is one place!  Read my full review here.

Assortment of Eagle Creek Packing Cubes ($7.50- $40)

baby travel gear

My family is infinitely more organized now that we use a variety of packing cubes.  Each of us has a different color (blue for my husband, red for me, and black for baby), in a variety of sizes.  Knowing exactly what cube has baby’s diapers, clothes, or my own socks is extremely useful, especially after a long trip.  I find it useful for longer 2 week trips to have two double sized cubes for baby- one for clothes and one for cloth diapers, a quarter cube for baby socks and other small baby accessories, and a half cube that I use in my carry-on diaper bag for spare changes of clean clothes, bibs, and spit-up rags.  It’s also useful to have a regular or half sized cube for the diaper bag to contain baby toys in one spot that can be easily pulled out on the plane.  Consider buying a variety for your entire family to stay organized while traveling.  Read my full review and tips on staying organized with packing cubes here.

Assortment of Granite Gear Round Rock Solid Compression Sacks ($20.50- $39.95)

baby travel gear

Traditionally used for camping gear such as sleeping bags, compression sacks are a fantastic way to save space in luggage.  I use the XL size and pack in baby blankets, waterproof mattress pads, bulky coats, and any other lighter weight but bulky belongings we are packing.  It compresses it down neatly and makes room for more things.  It’s also great to use a L to XL size for dirty laundry to pack it all down to a small size and keep it separate from clean clothes.  The XL size also works great to compress down cloth diapers that are being packed.  I also like to use the small size inside my carry-on/ diaper bag to put dirty clothes and dirty wet/dry diaper bags that are filled to compress that down and save space in my carry-on.  Read my full review and tips on saving luggage space with compression sacks here.

(1) Eagle Creek Hovercraft 30″ Duffel Bag ($220)

baby travel gear

Each of our family members has one of these duffel bags, with the goal of fitting all of our belongings neatly in packing cubes in each one.  I love these suitcases because they are super lightweight (allowing more weight for your actual stuff), yet super sturdy and effective.  The 30″ size we find perfect as it is the largest size that can be packed completely full and be right at most airline weight limits.  Sometimes suitcases that are too big can actually be a problem- this suitcase is roomy but just the right size, with two straps to tighten everything down.  It also comes with two outside compartments to keep things like shoes separate from the rest of the suitcase contents.

Remember that most airlines allow either a car seat or stroller to be checked at no additional cost.  We do sometimes use a larger duffel bag to stuff larger lightweight toys (like blocks, bouncy seat, play mat, etc.) when we are going on extended trips and need more baby entertainment supplies.


(1) bottle of Ddrops Baby Vitamin D drops ($16.00 each bottle for 90 drops)

baby travel gear

Everyone needs a little Vitamin D, especially new babies, and breastfed ones at that.  You don’t want baby to have rickets.  I like this brand in particular because it is chemical free, pure Vitamin D, and it also doesn’t come with a bunch of gross sugar that many of the ones you pick up from the drug store do.  I also love, as opposed to other D drops, that only one tiny little drop is required daily to get baby the Vitamin D she needs, and the drop can be applied right to the nipple before breastfeeding, or to a bottle nipple.

(2) bottles of Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water ($9.50 for 4 oz bottle)

baby travel gear

In many instances it is not known what is the cause of colic or excessive gas in babies. Many European countries use gripewater, which has been known to ease a baby’s discomfort due to colic, gas, hiccups or teething by acting as a digestive aid. Doctors and pharmacists in other parts of the world routinely recommend gripewater for babies with these symptoms. As the population of the country has become increasingly more diverse, this time-tested “old fashion treatment” has become more popular.Baby Bliss Gripe Water is a blend of healthy ingredients known to be beneficial for digestion, including fennel and ginger. This stuff is great to have at home and when traveling to soothe a fussy baby that might be experiencing some indigestion from that spicy thai snack mommy just had :).

(2) Natrabio Children’s Homeopathic Teething Relief drops ($6.58 each bottle/ $13.16)

baby travel gear

Children’s Teething provides relief for the symptoms of teething pain, restlessness, toothache and sore or tender gums.  It is a natural homeopathic remedy with chamomile to sooth baby’s pain from those mean teeth cutting through.  We just went through a bottle of this last week when Veda was cutting some nasty molars on top and bottom.  She would go from crying and cranky to calm and giggling after I gave her this stuff.  I like that it’s mostly chamomile and natural so it’s chemical free and I can give her as much as she needs and wants (she asks for it when she’s hurting) without being fearful of lots of yucky stuff getting in her system.

(1) two pack of Hyland’s Homeopathic Natural Teething Relief gel ($14.45 per 2 pack)

baby travel gear

This is another form of teething relief that is gel for rubbing directly on the ouchy teething spots.  I often use both the drops and gel simultaneously.  The gel is also homeopathic and paraben free, so no yucky stuff for baby- just effective teething relief.  My daughter prefers the taste of the drops (it must taste better), but she also willingly opens her mouth to have me rub this on her gums and seems to get relief from it, as well.

(1) two pack of Advil Infant Fever reducer/ pain reliever drops ($8.84 per 2 pack)

baby travel gearIt’s always a good idea to carry infant fever/ pain reducer, especially in the diaper bag or carry-on.  You don’t want to be stuck on a long flight with a suffering feverish baby and no relief for her.  Some parents use this also for teething pain relief, although I use it very judiciously- only if Veda is in a lot of discomfort from an illness.  It’s usually best to let baby’s fever do it’s job in combating the bacteria or virus that is attacking, though it’s useful to have this when it’s really needed.

(1) Braun Thermostat Ear Thermometer ($38.22)

baby travel gear

We always keep this thermometer on us when we travel in Veda’s little health kit.  It has professional accuracy and is used by many doctor’s offices.  It has a soft, flexible tip and can be used orally, rectally, or underarm to take an accurate temperature.  The most accurate way to take baby’s temperature, is unfortunately, rectally.  It has a soft, flexible tip and disposable covers to be replaced after each use.  It is digital and battery operated, which is great as it just requires 2 AA batteries when they die out.

(1) package of Pedialyte powder packs ($8.99 for an 8 pack)

baby travel gearWe carry these powder packs in Veda’s health kit when we travel, although over the course of a year and a half of traveling we’ve never actually used them.  Our children’s travel clinic advised us to carry them with us in case baby gets sick with diarrhea and dehydrated.  It is great as a back-up if this is needed, although if you are breastfeeding, breast milk is the best source of hydration for baby, as well as providing critical antibodies to help baby get well.  Plus, if you are exclusively breastfeeding baby is less likely to fall ill, especially with traveler’s diarrhea.

(2) California Baby SPF 30 + Sunblock Stick ($15.50 each stick)

baby travel gear

This is water resistant and hypoallergenic.  It is PABA free and chemical-free with highly micronized non-whitening titanium dioxide offering UVA-UVB broad-spectrum protection, and the stick makes it easier to glide onto baby’s skin.  It’s handy to carry in the diaper bag, especially if you will be traveling anywhere sunny.  I also use it on myself.  California Baby also makes this in lotion form which I do have and use, albeit a bit more messy (a little goes a long way).

(2) Bite Blocker Herbal Repellent Wipes ($12.99 per 20 count of wipes)

baby travel gearUse a baby-safe mosquito repellent on baby’s skin that is free of DEET, parabens, phthalates, PEG’s, Sulfates, Dioxanes, Propylene Glycols, and synthetic fragrances.    You can get them in spray, lotion, or convenient wipes for travel, which is why these Bite Blocker Herbal Repellent Wipes are great.  Although there are many baby-safe all natural mosquito products on the market, some other baby-safe mosquito repellents to consider include:Burt’s Bees Herbal Inspect Repellent SprayCalifornia Baby Bug SprayBite Blocker Herbal Spray, and Buzz Away Insect Repellent Towelettes.

(1) 2 Pack of Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo and Body wash ($12.74 for a 2 pack)

baby travel gearPlease don’t use your typical name brand baby shampoos with lots of crappy chemicals your dumping on baby’s porous skin.  This is a wonderful shampoo & body wash with ingredients of the highest quality botanicals, essential oils, organic ingredients and luxurious moisturizers. It is paraben free, yet rich with Certified Organic Aloe, Organic Comfrey, Organic Calendula, Shea Butter, Kukui Nut Oil, Safflower Oil and Natural Vitamin E. This luxurious formula gently cleanses & moisturizes baby’s tender hair and skin without drying. Mom’s and Dad’s continue to rave about the performance of this product on their hair- simplify your packing and bring along one bottle for the whole family to use at home or on travels.

(1) 2 Pack of Nature’s Baby Organics Face and Body Moisturizer ($16.54 for a 2 pack)

baby travel gearThis luxurious Organic Face & Body Moisturizer (Paraben Free and Fragrance Fee) soothes baby’s delicate skin with natural and organic ingredients. Made with Certified Organic Aloe, Shea Butter, Rose Hydrosol and Olive Oil the lotion was formulated specifically to help soothe and moisturize even the most sensitive newborn skin. No fragrance is added, yet a light aroma emanates from the natural ingredients. Ideal for Mom’s skin too!

(1) Nosefrida the Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator ($14.54)

baby travel gearEeeeww…gross.  If you have a baby, there will be snot, and stuffy noses.  Baby needs to breathe, especially out of the nose when baby is nursing, poor guy!  This snotsucker is a doctor-developed and doctor-recommended nasal aspirator is the new standard in keeping babies naturally snot free. It is a very simple Swedish design featuring a tube that is placed against baby’s nostril (not inside). Parents use their own suction to draw mucus out of their child’s nose. Disposable filters prevent any bacterial transfer. Nosefrida is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and BPA and Phthalate free. It is superior to the bulb aspirator, presents no risk or harm to internal nasal structures and is dramatically more efficacious.

(1) Piyo Piyo Baby Nail scissors ($10.50)

These are for easy trimming of baby’s nails to prevent baby from scratching her skin and face.  The rounded tips help to avoid accidents (bloody baby fingers are not desireable).

(1) Greensprouts Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb ($10.00)

(1) Eddie Bauer Medium Travel Hanging Kit Bag ($24.95)

baby travel gearKeep all of baby’s toiletries and health supplies stored in one easily accessible place at home and on the go.  This is the perfect size travel bag that can hang when you arrive at your destination.  It has one big roomy pocket for the big stuff, plus just the right amount of smaller mesh zipper pockets for the small stuff (like nail scissors).

(1) The Summer Infant Fold’n’Store Tub Time Bath Sling ($6.99)

baby travel gearThe Fold ‘n Store Tub Time Bath Sling from Summer Infant is the perfect solution when space is an issue but you don’t want to compromise on size. This folding tub is full-sized, yet folds flat and compactly for storage or travel, and only weighs one pound.  This can easily be packed in a suitcase.  Newborns can feel secure in its inclined position or parents can lay the bottom flat to give toddlers plenty of space to splash and play. The removable and machine washable cover allows for easy cleaning.



If you are a mom that is planning on breastfeeding but also will need to be away from baby at times, it’s important to have reliable and effective breastfeeding and pumping gear that you can use at home and when you are traveling.

Even if you are not pumping and exclusively feeding from the breast, the following items are essential:

(4) 2 packs of Bamboobies Ultra-Thin Regular Nursing Pads ($16.99 per 2 pack)

baby travel gearRegular Bamboobies are ultra-thin with a milk-proof backing so they are perfect for going back to work or going out for a night on the town when you don’t want your nursing pads to show. They are ideal for light leaking or once your supply has been regulated. Regular Bamboobies are lined with velour to soothe tender nursing nipples and have a waterproof outer layer to protect your clothes. They’re heart-shaped to cup your breast better than a circular pad – no creases means no lines. Because they are thinner, heart-shaped and have a milk-proof backing, Bamboobies will not show, or more importantly, leak through your shirt like cotton pads do. Mommy bloggers have called Bamboobies the Maserati of nursing pads and cashmere sweaters for boobies the ultimate in luxury and softness. It’s nice to have a stash so you can change the pads frequently throughout the day and always have clean ones on hand when the others are being washed.

(2) 2 Pack of Bamboobies Ultra-thick Overnight Nursing Pads ($16.99 per 2 pack)

bay travel gearOvernight Bamboobies are the biggest and softest nursing pads on the market. Made especially for new mothers: for heavy leaking in the early months of nursing and overnight / early morning leaking. Overnights are what made one new mother call Bamboobies a cashmere sweater for my boobies.  Made of bamboo rayon fleece outer layers for incredible softness and an inner core made of hemp and organic cotton for maximum absorbency. Green packaging, fair-wage sewing in Colorado, and sustainable fabrics make Bamboobies the smart and eco choice for new mothers. Looking for something that doesn’t show through your shirt? – this isn’t it.

(1) Lilypadz Starter Kit ($29.15- $36.95)

baby travel gearAs an alternative to cloth nursing pads, I frequently used (and love) the Lilypadz.  They are a patented, innovative nursing pad made of a skin-like layer of silicone. The unique design maintains pressure on the nipple while in place and forms a non-absorbent barrier that actually PREVENTS breast milk leakage. My only problem I encountered when traveling was not having potable water to rinse them in if I needed to remove them and wash them.  However, this starter kit comes with cleansing wipes that can be used on the go.

 (1) jar of Motherlove Herbal Nipple Cream ($8.24)

baby travel gearUse on sore, cracked nursing nipples to soften and heal skin, and relieve pain. This creamy salve goes on easily, and all ingredients are safe for ingestion. Nipple Cream also serves as an excellent diaper rash ointment- you could conceivably just travel with one jar of either the Motherlove Herbal Nipple Cream or the Motherlove Diaper and Thrush Relief and use either jar for both nipple soreness and diaper rash- this stuff is that great!

Assortment of Day and Night-Time Nursing bras in a variety of sizes

baby travel gearEspecially early on, it is useful to get a variety of nursing bras.  I found comfortable sleep nursing bras to be particularly useful for night-time wear (otherwise I woke up on a big wet stop from leaking breasts), as well as comfortable day-time nursing bras.  It’s nice to have 3-4 night time bras so you always have a clean, fresh one to wear to bed, and 3-4 day time bras for the same reason.  I like nursing bras that either easily pull to the side or have an easy hook on the strap that can be unhooked and pulled down.  It’s best to go to a specialty maternity store and get fitted, keeping in mind your breast size will change throughout pregnancy and during nursing (like yo-yoing three different cup sizes over the course of a year).  I also found it useful to have, both during pregnancy and for nursing, to have a comfortable strapless bra.

For pumping traveling mommas, these items are essential for successful pumping and feeding on the go:

(1) Medela Freestyle breast pump ($327.43)

baby travel gearI did a lot of research on breast pumps, as I was committed to continuing breastfeeding, despite this work interruption.  There are tons of pumps on the market, many of them very expensive (especially the electric ones), but that were completely impractical for travel.  The Medela Freestyle This thing is an amazing, powerful little pump perfect for travel in developing countries (or anywhere else).  It’s a bit on the expensive side (but moderate as compared to other electric pumps), but well worth the investment, and still much cheaper than buying formula for baby.  It’s extremely small and compact, and I was surprised by the suction power the little thing has.  It has a rechargeable battery that I only need to charge every week (for every day use), and the power lasts until the battery dies.  It is really great and convenient for travel, especially if you won’t always have the option of a power outlet.  This bad boy comes with everything you need, including the carrying tote, freezer and ice pack to store expressed milk, and five milk storage bottles.

(1) Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump ($30.33)

baby travel gear

Before I went electric, I exclusively used this manual pump.  I’ll admit, I was a little intimidated by hooking up power to by nipples, and it took me a couple of months for me to make that leap.  For $30, it’s worth every penny, and just as effective as my electric pump.  But, I can only do one breast at a time, so it takes longer than the double electric pump, and it can get a bit tedious sitting (sometimes on a toilet seat in a public restroom-eeeek the places I’ve pumped!).  But, it’s a great back-up to an electric pump, gets the job done, and is significantly quieter (e.g. noiseless) for needing to pump in close spaces- like cars or planes- when traveling :) .

(1) Medela Breast Milk BPA Free Freezing and Storage 12 Pack of Bottles ($13.94)


baby travel gearFor collection, refrigeration and/or freezing of breastmilk. Guaranteed sterile & ready-to-use. Bulk pack of 12 containers for easy storage in freezer or fridge. Works with all Medela breast pumps for pumping directly into the container, and can be used with the Lansinoh manual pump, as well. Special FDA grade plastic designed to retain breast milk’s beneficial properties *All Medela bottles & breast pump kits are 100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free.  Even though the Freestyle already comes with five storage bottles, it’s always good to have plenty of storage bottles depending how much you are pumping or away from baby.  Breastmilk storage bags are also a convenient option for pumping on the go as you don’t have to worry about making sure the bottles are sterilized before pumping.

(1) Six Pack of Medium Flow Breastfeeding- friendly Adiri BAP Free Natural Nurser Bottles ($29.99)

My baby transitioned to using cups by 11 months, but when she did drink from a bottle she was an extremely picky bottle-feeder (she prefers the breast, of course).  So, when I had to be gone for sometimes longer than 12 hour stretches and she was refusing to drink out of regular bottles, I began searching for alternatives.  When I found a few that worked, I realized why- they feel and look so much more like the breast than other standard bottles on the market!  The following are great bottles if you need to be away from baby and he or she has a strong breast preference:

Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser that comes in different flow selections: slow for 0-3 monthsmedium for 4-6 months, and fast for 6 + months.  It is likely that if you are breastfeeding and taking maternity leave for the first three months, you aren’t going to need the slow flow and can skip straight to the medium and/or fast flow.  I especially love these bottles not only for how soft and breast-like they are, but also because of the design they are easy to clean and less parts than most other bottles (it’s one long latex bottle with a screw bottom).  When my daughter still drank from bottles, this is the only bottle she would use in addition to the Yoomi, and this Adiri is a lot less of a hassle and less expensive than the Yoomi.All babies are different and have different preferences.  Also check out the insane Yoomi, and the lovely Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Bottle and the Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle.

(1) The First Year’s Spinning Bottle Drying Rack ($10.78)

baby travel gearThis is perhaps not essential, but I found it extremely useful to keep bottles and pump parts sterile after cleaning them.  It is useful to make sure they adequately dry and are kept away and separate from other possible contaminates, especially when traveling and things are more susceptible to food- and water-borne disease.  This drying rack comes apart and is compact and light, which makes for easy packing. I especially found this useful when I traveled to places where there were cleaning staff and I wanted to make sure that I could stash all my drying equipment away in a cupboard or closet to make sure my baby’s bottles and parts weren’t contaminated with any cleaning chemicals.



(2) lightweight sleep sacks such as the HALO 100% Cotton SleepSack Swaddle ($17.00 each)

baby travel gearSwaddling a baby can be very comforting and soothing, both at home and while traveling.  A baby isn’t used to flailing his arms and legs around after that cozy stay in the womb.  It can be used over sleepwear to take place of loose blankets with a generous sack design to still allow room for kicking but it can’t be kicked off so baby stays warm all night.  It’s always a good idea to have at least a couple so that there is always a fresh clean one available for use.

(1) heavier sleep sacks for cold climates and nights such as the HALO Micro-Fleece Sleepsack Swaddle ($17.00)

(8) Newborn/ infant night gowns such as the Baby Soy Janey Baby Organic Bundler ($16.95)

baby travel gearThis is really all my baby wore for the first few months.  Not onsies, not cute little outfits (okay, fine we put her in cute little outfits once in a while), but these fabulous infant night gowns (night and day).  The frequency of diaper changes makes these the most practical outfit for a new baby, ever.  Just pull up and change diaper- no snapping/ unsnapping, pulling down/pulling up- especially at 3AM when you are an exhausted parent.  I recommend having at least 8 in rotation so there are always fresh clean gowns available for baby.  For any climate hot or cold, baby needs to keep body warmth in while he chubs up the first couple months, so long sleeves and legs are a must.  These can be worn under sleep sacks and swaddles.  There are other more inexpensive infant nightgowns available on the market and available in most baby stores, as well.

(2) pairs of Zutano Booties ($16.95- $24.95 each)

baby travel gearBeyond coming in super cute and fun unisex prints and colors in lighter weight cotton or heavier weight fleece, the Zutano Booties are practical and effective in keeping baby’s feet warm.  Socks on babies is silly- they kick them off in no time.  With a unique, two-snap design and contrasting lining, they not only look great but they stay on. These booties mix and match with all the different Zutano body styles and provide excellent coverage and protection.  You  might be tempted to buy a bunch of different prints because they are so cute, but hold yourself back to two pair (to always have a clean pair)- baby will be growing out of these in no time.

(1) five pack of Gerber Unisex Newborn Baby Caps ($8.99)

Keep baby’s body warmth from escaping from the head despite the weather with infant caps.

(1) iPlay Newborn Sun hat for sunny weather AND/OR

(1) iPlay Origins Ecofleece Earwarmer hat in newborn size for cold weather 

(2) baby blankets

(2) baby towels AND

(10) baby wash cloths

(6) receiving blankets (for spit-up, diaper changes on the go, and general wiping/ clean-up)

(12) bibs (for drool city, especially in the first 9 months and when teething to prevent drool-soaked clothes)

(4-6) outfits for 0-3 months (This is for fun- playing dress up with baby)

(8-10) outfits for 3-6 month age depending on climate where you will be traveling and living

(8-10) onsies for 3-6 month age

(2) Bummis Swimmi cloth swim diapers size small ($12.75 each)

baby sun gear

These are excellent cloth swimmers to pack along in the diaper bag whether you are heading to a beach, pool, or an outing where you may just happen upon a water feature.  I find reusable swimmers to be convenient as I never have to worry about running out, plus it’s more economical.  They come in five different fun unisex cotton print designs, with an interior polyester mesh for easy clean ups and a coated nylon layer sandwiched inside that will hold in the messiest stuff a baby can throw at you. They have an adjustable hook and loop closure for a snug and comfortable fit.  Plus, they are made in Canada with fair labor practices using materials that are guaranteed to be lead, phthalate and bpa free.  Other cloth swimmers to consider include: Imse Vimse (which also come in fun prints), ApplecheeksFinis Swim Diapers, and Mother-Ease Swim Diaper.



Babies newborn to six months don’t need a lot of toys- they’re soaking up the world around them, and are most interested in faces and the world.  So don’t worry too much about loading up on bright plastic goods.  Focus on capturing memories and having just a few essentials to keep things fun whether you are at home or traveling.

My Baby Book: A Keepsake Journal for Baby’s First Year ($11.55)

baby travel gear

Wherever you are in the world, keeping a baby journal is a must.  I love this baby book because it is fun, with tons of space to right your thoughts, prompts and fill in the blanks, and plenty of room for pictures.  It’s lighthearted, fun, and joyous.  Lots of moms busy being moms like that it’s easy to fill in and doesn’t take too much time, yet captures all of the important memories.


Baby-Friendly Point and shoot camera such as the Canon Powershot Elph 110 HS ($199.00)

baby travel gearHopefully you’ve already invested in a good point and shoot to capture your growing belly and the birth of baby.  If you still haven’t gotten around to that, check out the Canon Powershot ELPH 110 HS 16.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 5x Wide-Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom Lens and Full 1080p HD Video.  It’s a compact, thin, pocket-sized digitial camera with an image processor that improves shooting in low-light situations without the need for a flash and full 1080p HD video with stereo sound.  It has a high-speed burst mode and lowers noise levels at higher ISO settings.  It’s a great reliable point-and-shoot that I have used to capture beautiful images of my daughter on print and on video (including capturing her first steps on video).  It’s a great camera for parents with busy babies.

Ipod + Satechi ST-IPOP Ultra Portable Rechargeable Speaker

Most babies and little children can be enlivened, brightened, and distracted by their favorite tunes.  There have been many times that my baby has gone from tears to smiles, giggles, and hand clapping with the press of the play button on my ipod.  Check into downloading or purchasing music by Elizabeth Mitchell and Frances England.  My baby loves it, and so do I.  It’s great to load up the ipod with that music for lots of great, fun, soothing music for baby at home, at the park, in the car, or in airport terminals.  I found this absolutely amazing little speaker for about $20. with a short ipod adapter that plugs directly into the adapter.  It’s not fancy- the only switch is on/off.  Volume is controlled through the ipod, and it has surprisingly decent sound for what it is, plus it’s super tiny and light (the size of a small muffin).  It’s also rechargeable (no batteries to worry about) and can be charged on a laptop/ computer with a USB charger and the charge lasts as long as my ipod does.

Bouncy seat

baby travel gearAlthough I often wore my baby for the first six months, the times that I had to put her down (like when I was taking a shower or cooking over the stove with oil), I was grateful to have a bouncy seat.  It’s a great comfy spot for baby to take a look around at the world when she’s not being worn.  We relied so much on our bouncy seat, that we even packed it with us in our luggage whenever we traveled for the first six months or so of Veda’s life.  We intentionally got a slimmer, more lightweight bouncy seat with fewer thrills that would be easier to pack, and settled on the Fisher Price Hoppy Days Lightweight Bouncer because it was light and comes apart easily to fit in our luggage.

Play mat

Baby Travel GearThere are some totally geeked out play mats for babies with lights, music, colors, and lots of dangling things.  To be honest, they sort of scare me.  Talk about over-stimulation!  It is nice to have a play mat at home and when traveling so baby can practice rolling, focusing on objects and grabbing for objects, and having some tummy time.  However, a play mat isn’t completely essential.  The Infantino Explore and Store Elephant gym is sufficient for these activities- it’s small, lightweight, and folds easily for travel.  It can be easily packed in a suitcase.    The Infantino Merry Monkey Gym and Infantino Explore and Store Jungle Gym are basically the same idea at half the price ($18.99) of the plush elephant gym.

JJ Cole Collections All-Purpose Water Resistant Blanket ($29.95)

baby sun gear

We get lots of use out of this blanket.  We use it in Chicago for trips to the beach at Lake Michigan, picnics at outdoor music concerts at Millennium Park, and playing under the shade of the tree in the park.  It’s water-resistant, easily wipes clean, and folds compactly.  We usually make space in our luggage when we, travel, too, as it comes in handy as a baby/ toddler play mat both indoors and outdoors, and for any outdoor/ beach outings we might have.

Some great travel-friendly toy staples for little ones that we love include:

baby travel gearSophie La Giraffe Teether

Sassy Rings O’Links Rattle

LaMaze Play and Grow Take Along Toys (Variety of animal options)

Finger puppets

LaMaze Garden Wrist Rattle/ Foot Finder Set

IQ Bby Knock-Knock Blocks

Manhattan Toy Winkle


BABY GEAR GUIDE FOR AN INFANT (Click here to download the shortened shopping list).



Packing for Baby (Packing Guides and Lists for Different Ages)

Travel Planning

How to Apply for a US Passport for Baby

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  • Wow, you crammed everything into this post! 🙂 I do have a question about the Sophie giraffe: did the spots stay on yours? The spots wore right off of ours, and our baby barely played with it at all. It still squeaks, but it doesn’t look anywhere near as cute now. For twenty bucks, I figured it would stay looking good.

    • Ha! I am glad to see you made it to the end where Sophie was (or at least skimmed there!). Yes, I agree this is an overpriced squeaky toy. Veda loved hers until she lost it over a year ago when Sophie still had spots- who knows what her fate was. I just bought another for the next baby. I don’t know why I like the stupid giraffe so much- I think the marketing gimmick of a cute French giraffe overtook my sensibilities :).

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