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Eagle Creek Travel Gear Pack-It Cube

I’ve done a lot of packing that has involved neatly organizing all of my own, my husband’s, and baby’s belongings in several suitcases.  Invariably, everything ends up in a jumbled mess as I attempt to search for baby’s cloth diapers, that warm sweater of mine, or my husband’s pair of socks.  It’s annoying.  I’ve now nearly perfected my travel organization system, which my husband is also delighted about.  I really love Eagle Creek’s travel gear products, especially their travel packing cubes which now keeps everything neatly organized and easy to find.

The travel cubes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and the front is see-through mesh so you don’t have to unzip to see what you’re dealing with.  I use black for baby’s things, red for my own, and blue for my husband’s to keep each of our belongings easy to find by color.  A regular size cube can fit four rolled up shirts (long-sleeved or t-shirts) and a couple of rolled up pairs of pants (as big as jeans) comfortably.  I also like to use a regular size or double cube (depending on the length of trip) to keep food and snacks organized in one, and toys/ books in another.  This system works so well for easily finding what you need, especially after a long journey when you’re tired.

For a long weekend:  Each family member gets one regular sized travel cube for clothing and a half cube for under garments.  The regular-sized pack-it cube is just big enough to roll up enough shirts and pants for a four day trip.  I find the double cube to be the perfect size for packing all of baby’s cloth diapers, wipes, and liners, which is also great to keep all of the clean diapers organized in one space.  The half cubes are great for boxers, panties, socks, and bras on shorter trips.

For a two week + trip:  Each family member gets one double cube and a regular sized cube.  Depending on whether or not we’ll have access to laundry, it usually makes sense to use a double cube for each person’s clothing for a longer trip that might require more clothing.    The double cube still works great for packing enough cloth diapers and wipes.  It usually makes sense to use a regular size cube for undergarments, swim suits, socks, etc. for longer trips.

For long weekend trips, such as the four day trip we just took to Wisconsin over Thanksgiving to visit family, we packed all of my husband’s, my own, and baby’s belongings in one suitcase (I love the Eagle Creek 30″ Hovercraft Duffle).  For longer 2 week + trips, we use two of those duffle bags, where we put my husband and my own belongings in one duffle bag (along with a toiletry bag that we share), and baby gets her own bag with clothing, diapers, toys, books, health kit, food, etc.

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