What’s the Best Stroller for Travel?

We try to avoid stroller use as much as possible to cut down on weight, extra things to carry-on, and because strollers are often not practical to use on the sidewalk-less places where we travel.  I cannot, for example, imagine pushing my baby through the busy sidewalk-less streets of Bombay, fighting cars and auto-rickshaws with a stroller.  We’ve opted to use a baby wrap for carrying baby (still at 20 months), and plan on continuing with wearing baby for travel as long as we can due to the convenience of it.

Beginning at 14 months old, our daughter often prefers walking herself, anyway, whether hiking, taking a stroll down the street, or walking through airport terminals to baggage claim.  Yes, it takes us longer to arrive at our destination, but we try to enjoy the journey there, even that involves multiple diversions to the Duty Free shop and all the bright colorful, bags of candy luring our babe there.

The only stroller we have used for international and airport stroller is the Lily Gold Sit’N’Stroll, which is a combo car seat/ stroller.  We have found this extremely useful for airport/ taxi travel, but do not really ever use it it much as a stroller for every day use.  It also saves on extra luggage traveling with a stroller and a separate car seat, and is much more compact and lightweight than hauling along other strollers and car seats.  If you buy an airplane ticket for baby, it is also FAA-rated, so you can use it on the plane.  It’s also been great for layovers if you gate check it (although we have found it’s much easier to just check it in with our luggage and use a baby wrap).

The only negatives of the Lily Gold are that it’s not a stroller I would use on a regular basis (it’s more just for in airports and to-and-from travel), and it can be clunky to deal with if you are traveling in a taxi, for example, in a developing country, and have no where to push/ put it once you arrive at your destination, if for example you are doing sight-seeing in places that are not stroller-friendly.  If you do plan on using a stroller on your travels to a place with side walks, then you may want to opt for bringing a light, compact, travel-friendly and airport-friendly stroller:

Recommendations for different stroller choices as follows:

Option #1- if you want a stroller that is lightweight, portable, and can be used at home or on travels from newborn through toddler, consider buying:

Maclaren Techno XT ($319.99)

baby travel gear

This is one of the few lightweight umbrella strollers that is suitable from birth to toddler (without having to use a car seat inset).  This bad boy is expensive, but the Maclaren brand is known to last, and will last through multiple kids if having a lightweight portable stroller is important for you from birth,  This model has a fully reclining seat and a UV-protective sun canopy that extends down to your child’s knees when needed. It has adjustable ergonomic handles, making it ideal for taller parents.  It features a built-in carrying handle instead of a shoulder strap that the other Maclarens feature.  It weighs in at 14.2 lbs fully equipped, which is considerably more than some of the other versions under 10 pounds.

The Britax B-Nimble ($160.60) is another much more affordable option to consider in this class as it can be used from birth alone, or can be used with all major brands of car seats.

Option #2- If you want a stroller that is lightweight, portable and can be used at home or on travels from birth through toddler with an attachment for an infant car seat to rest in it, consider buying:

Combi Cosmo DX Stroller ($104.99)

baby travel gear

This stroller is compatible with the Shuttle 33 car seat ($169.95).  It folds in 3 seconds, has a removable guardrail with snack and cupholder, a multi-position reclining seat, and an infant safety boot.  This stroller is 13.4 pounds and comes with a removable, washable seat pad.  It can be used at home or for travels with all the comfortable extras it comes with.

Other options to consider in this class include: Britax B-Nimble Stroller ($160.60) that works with most major car seat brands including Britax B-Safe ($133.99) and Chaperone($170.99) infant seats and all major brands including Chicco Key Fit 30 ($168.00), Graco Snugride 32 and 35 models, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio.

The Quinny Zap ($225.00) works with the Maxi-Cosi infant car seat ($189.99).

Option #3- If you want a stroller that is lightweight, portable, and can be used at home or on travels from six months through toddler, consider buying:

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller ($119.99)

baby travel gear

At only 8.8 pounds, it’s one of the lightest full-size umbrella stroller on the market.  This stroller has a hand-level folding trigger and it stands when folded.  This has high performance, extra-wide wheels and tires with locking front wheels for added stability, a washable seat pad with staindefend (water repellant, stain resistant fabrics).  It comes with an extended SPF 50 pop-out canopy for extra protection against UV rays.  It’s for children 6 months to 50 pounds, though, so don’t plan on using it with the newborn.

Maclaren Triumph Stroller ($151.48)

I own this stroller and use it for home use for walks around Chicago (it has served primarily as a napping tool and place for my babe).  It’s really light, super easy and quick to fold up and down, and I love the carrying strap for carrying it up the stairs on my back while I am also carrying baby.  I have not ever traveled on a plane or internationally with this guy, as we always just bring along our Lily Gold, but I am sure it would be a great option for easily folding down at airport security, and could  probably fit pretty easily in an overhead compartment (on a not-too crowded plane).

Other options to consider in this class include: Maclaren Volo ($99.94), UPPAbaby G-Luxe ($189.99), Chicco C6 Lightweight Stroller ($79.99), and the Maclaren Quest Sport ($198.99).

Optional add-ons depending on season/ travel destinations:

JL Childress Umbrella Stroller Gate Check Bag ($12.98)

baby travel gear

If you are planning on traveling frequently through airports with your umbrella stroller, it’s a good idea to invest in a gate check bag.  It won’t protect the stroller from being crushed, but it will protect it from getting scratched, torn, dirty, or wet when it is being checked and unchecked.  Plus, the bright red bag is useful for locating and identifying your stroller at the luggage carousel or when you are getting off the aircraft.

Protect-a-Bub sun shade ($24.99)

baby travel gear

This shade is versatile as it can fit onto most canopied strollers AND car seats.   any car-seat. It is made from specially woven UPF 50+ breathable fabric that offers 98+% protection from the sun’s rays and provides full air circulation. The mesh side ventilation panels allow for 70% sun protection, cross ventilation and maximum viewing. A storage bag is included.This is also available in a twin version for side-by-side twin strollers.  If you are concerned about bugs and mosquitoes, the Deluxe 3-in-1 version includes a full length mosquito net.

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