Packing Guide: 0 to 6 Month Baby

This packing guide is meant to be flexible and includes both essentials and optional items to bring along for a baby 0-6 months in his/ her checked bag.  This list is based on a two week + international trip that assumes laundry will be done at least every 2-3 days.  Numbers of items may need to be adjusted, if for example, you are taking a two week trip and don’t plan on doing any laundry during that time.

–          Baby toiletry bag with essential medicines, baby shampoo/ body wash, hair brush/ comb, and baby toothbrush/ toothpaste if baby has teeth

–          Diapers:

  • If you are using cloth diapers (and plan on washing every 2-3 days with/without automated dryer):
  • If you are using disposable diapers: At least enough diapers and wipes for one day for when you arrive before you buy more locally
  • Consider using hybrid diapers like Flip (one size) or G-diapers (fitted sizes, including a newborn size), which come with washable/ reusable cloth inserts, and also come with biodegradable, non-toxic, flushable disposable inserts in case you don’t have access to laundry on your trip (and pack enough disposable inserts for your trip)

–          Clothing: All clothing should be comfortable, breathable, and easy to get on/ off.  Opt for light weight clothing that can be layered, and choose darker/ patterned clothing that will last longer.

  • 10 pairs of socks
  • 10 onsies (either short- or long-sleeve or combination depending on weather)
  • 10 outfits (pants/ shirt combos/ dresses depending on weather
  • 2 hats (either sun or winter depending on weather)
  • 6 pairs pajamas and/or sleep sacks (weight/ material depends on weather)
  • 2 pairs of cloth swimmers (if swimming is a possibility)

–          Food supplies:

–          Other:

  • Teething toys
  • 8 spit-up rags
  • 2 baby blankets (weight depending on weather)
  • 2 baby towels
  • Reasonable amount of lightweight, compact, travel-friendly favorite toys
  • Baby monitor if baby will be sleeping/ napping away from you/ in a different room
  • (1-2) Universal AC adapters for any electronics, such as a baby monitor
  • If co-sleeping, (1-2) waterproof mattress pads to protect host’s sheets from boob leakage or diaper leakage
  • If using a crib or bassinet, opt for a portable option + 2 sheets
  • If using a car seat, opt for portable travel-friendly car seat/ stroller combo
  • If needing bath, portable/ foldable bath tub

Everything should fit comfortably into a large duffle bag.   I like to organize clothes, food items, and toys into separate packing cubes, and use compression sacks for bulkier blankets and cloth diapers.  Larger items such as a portable crib, booster seat, stroller, etc. will need to be packed in a separate bag.  Keep in mind that baby is typically only allowed one bag up to 50 pounds/ 23 kilos on most airlines, so going beyond one bag due to larger items will either paying for an additional bag, or making sure that other family members’ luggage is minimized so that there is one extra allowed bag of someone else’s that can be used for baby’s additional items.

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