Upcoming Rough Guide to Travel with Babies E-Book!

I am very excited about the new project that I am working on to create an e-book for parents to easily access all of the information found on my website for traveling with babies.  When I first started blogging about traveling with babies, I was delighted to both share my experiences with other parents and travelers, as well as to learn from others embarking on travel with babies.

Now with a growing readership and hundreds of visits to my blog daily from parents around the world from the U.S. and Canada to the Philippines and Morocco, lots of rich questions (that I LOVE receiving) from parents embarking on travel with their babes, I’m really enjoying the iterative process this has become and want to make the information even more accessible to readers.

I want the e-book to be a resource-rich guide that parents can easily use at whatever stage of travel they are at, whether it’s a pregnant traveling momma wondering if there’s a good way to prevent swollen ankles on a flight, deciding what baby stuff to pack or leave behind, losing your mind on a long flight trying to keep a busy toddler entertained, or struggling with a baby up at three in the morning with jet lag.

My idea is to take much of the existing information that can be found in my blog covering every topic from baby wearing and breastfeeding to getting through airport security easily.  I plan on organizing all of the information into sections relevant to parents at the time of traveling, whether it’s planning, flying, or during the trip, and then include chapters that can be easily accessed as needed within each section.  I also want to include age-specific, climate-specific, and trip-duration specific packing lists in the planning section.

I have already begun the arduous task of compiling everything on my blog and organizing in a useable way, and am also trying to identify gaps in the information that can be found on my blog.  I am hoping that all of my blog readers, who I appreciate so much in participating, sharing, and talking with me, will help me in this endeavor either by commenting on this post to start a discussion, or by emailing me with any ideas that you might have.  Are there certain topics, no matter how big or small, about traveling with babies or traveling pregnant you would like to see covered that currently is not available on my blog?

I appreciate everyone’s continued readership and input as I begin this process.  I would love engagement from you all, and plan on posting updates on how the process is coming along, with a goal of e-publishing the book sometime mid-summer.  My plan for now is to give away the completed e-book for free for 48 hours, and of course to those of you that have contributed and to regular blog subscribers; after that I will most likely sell it on Amazon.com and from my site for $2.99- $3.99 for an instant download to e-readers.

For now, I’d love your input on what you as a parent might find useful in an e-book guide for traveling with kids, including organization and content so that I can tailor it and make it as user-friendly and resource-rich as possible.  I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, getting your feedback to work towards e-publishing a comprehensive e-guide on traveling with babies in coming months in time for some summer vacations!  Thanks everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Upcoming Rough Guide to Travel with Babies E-Book!”

  • Looking forward to reading your book. We are looking at several trips with an under one year old due to an upcoming international move or two! When are you looking at releasing it?

    • Dear Joy,

      That is very exciting that you are looking at several international trips soon with your babe in tow!

      I have failed miserably in completing my book as planned by the end of the year. I am trying to complete it by February 2013 at this point! If you sign-up to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, or by email you will get notifications of when the e-book will be released.

      If there’s anything you want to chat about regarding your upcoming adventure before the book is released, just shoot me an email!

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