Packing for Baby

In my experience packing for a baby or toddler, I have more often than not found myself wishing I had packed less, and rarely have found myself wishing I had brought something.  I have many times stuffed unused toys, dishes, and a folded up travel crib (Pack’N’Play) back into a suitcase into a closet.  I have also found myself lugging a heavy diaper bag through airports, security lines, and into taxis wishing it were much lighter, digging around through unused stuff to find essentials.

I have streamlined my packing to have efficient and smart checked and carry-on bags with travel stuff I know baby will need.  Find below packing guides for different ages of babies, packing baby’s and mom’s carry-on, and other packing tips.


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Packing Guides

Packing for Baby Guide: 0-6 Month Baby

Packing for Baby Guide: 6 Month- 1 Year Baby

Packing for Baby Guide: 1 – 2 Year Baby

Packing a Travel Fun Bag for a Toddler

Toddler Carry-On Bags

15 Essentials to Include in Baby’s Carry-On

Never Leave Home Without a Health Kit

How to Pack and Prepare for a Four Day Trip with a Toddler: A Video Demonstration Series

Packing Tips

Streamlining Mom (or Dad’s) Carry-On with Baby’s

Stay Organized with Packing Cubes

Save Space with Compression Sacks

How to Pack Cloth Diapers for Long Travel

Flying With Cloth Diapers?

13 Baby Essentials That May Be Hard to Find When You Arrive

10 Tips to Simplify Your Cosmetics Bag

To Ship or Not to Ship?

Traveling While Pregnant?  What to Pack?

Hail, the Red Plastic Swing: Do Toddlers Really Need Toys?

Travel Gear

Top Ten Baby Travel Gear Essentials

Baby wrap

Onya Baby Carrier Product Review: Out and About in Chicago

Diaper bag


Portable crib

Portable toddler travel bed

Portable high chair/ booster seat

Car seat

Portable potty

Squeezable organic baby food

Portable music

Breastfeeding/ pumping gear

Cloth diapers

Point-and-shoot camera

Portable tub 

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