Baby K’tan Price Reduction

Baby K'tanThe Baby K’tan is a soft baby wrap very similar to the Moby, except that it doesn’t require wrapping/ tying (so it comes in different fitted sizes for the baby wearer). ¬†They just announced a 10% price reduction starting now for the entire second half of 2012, with the intention of making a baby wrap more affordable for parents in the current economy.

The price of the Baby K’tan is $49.95 for the regular cotton carrier only. ¬†“Best known for newborn carrying the Baby K’tan is an exceptionally secure cross between a wrap, sling, and structure front carrier,” coined as a “ready to wear wrap with a unique double loop design.”

I haven’t tried one of these myself, but they look great!

Read more here.

The Moby wrap retails for $41.95 in it’s original style.


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