Warning: Infant Suffocation in Peapod Travel Portable Bed

Warning: Infant Suffocation in Peapod Travel Portable Bed

peapod travel bedI am posting this link here to a blog at DeliciousBaby.com that explains the warning.  A 5 month old very tragically died in the PeaPod portable bed, which an autopsy confirmed was from suffocation, not from SIDS.

Although I have never used the PeaPod myself since I have co-slept with my baby since she was born, I had read great reviews about this product and had recommended it on my blog previously.  Based on this tragedy showing that the bed may not be safe for infants, I am updating my previous blog accordingly to warn parents.

Please also spread the word to other parents that may use or may consider using the PeaPod portable crib.  This is an incident that shows why safe co-sleeping habits (as long as you are not medicated, taking drugs, or drinking), might be a safer option for baby while traveling.  My heart goes out to Dr. Christine Whelan.

Also, I know that at least two Kidco Peapods were ordered from Amazon.com from people who visited my site, clicked on the link, and purchased the product.  If you are a regular blog reader or see this post, please email to let me know if you purchased this product so I know that if you did you have seen this warning and will hopefully return the product and discontinue use.

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6 thoughts on “Warning: Infant Suffocation in Peapod Travel Portable Bed”

  • My heart goes to doctor Christine Whelan too. I canno tthank you enough for this warning. I was just about to buy this bed for my 3rd child. Better be safe than sorry. Thanks again. Ly prayers go to you and your family.


    • Hi Annie- I’m very glad that you found the warning for the Peapod. I hope that you find a safer place for baby to sleep. Jessica

  • Okay, so my heart does go out to this family, here’s the thing. The suffocation victim was a 5 month old. Look at the design of the crib, the bottom is made of that plastic. It’s not breathable, there are no spaces or gaps. Parents MUST use common sense, this was not an accident caused by a “bad” product, it was a poor judgment call on the part of the parents. Would you put an infant in a crib with those thick cloth bumpers they sell or with blankets? I hope not, since it’s the same kind of suffocation hazard and is recommended against. Until your child is old enough to roll themselves both front to back and back to front and has complete control over their head, you need to keep all suffocation hazards away, this is common knowledge. Just because this crib was portable doesn’t mean the same safety standards doesn’t apply. However, for established crawlers and older, this is still a good option for travelers.

    • Hi Ashley, I agree with you that the crib is probably safe for crawlers/ walkers. However, the company advertised the bed as safe for infants of all ages, and probably should have advertised it for older babies/ toddlers, rather than advertising it as safe for younger infants.

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