What Documents Does Baby Need for International Travel?

U.S. Passport

Don’t forget to pack the documents below in your carry-on or diaper bag when traveling internationally with baby.  Rather than traveling with photocopies of everything, I save space by scanning all of my critical travel documents (passports, visa pages, birth certificates, yellow fever immunization proof, credit cards- back and front, and health records) into one file on a flash drive that I keep in a separate space from my travel documents.  It’s also saved on my laptop, so I have it saved in two separate places and they can be easily printed from a hotel or internet cafe.

I recommend the Family Passport and Document Case for holding up to 5 passports and travel documents.  This helps me to stay organized and avoid losing important documents and keeping everything together for ease at check-in and security points.  For larger families, or those with dual citizenship needing 6+ passport and document holder, consider splitting into two separate cases.

1) Passports for all family members, including babies

2) Driver’s licenses for anyone planning on renting a car/ driving overseas

3) Birth certificates for minors (This is especially useful in the following cases: 1) if the baby only has one parent at birth; 2) if the child has a different last name from either parent; 3) if the child is adopted bring the certificate plus the adoption decree.  If baby is traveling with a divorced parent, a notarized letter from the other parent is needed along with any legal custody papers.  Lastly, if the other parent has passed away, you will need to travel with the parent’s death certificate.)

4) Paper airline tickets/ electronic tickets

5) Flight itinerary

6) A notarized letter authorizing travel with one parent will be required from the non-traveling parent or guardian if baby is only traveling with mom, dad, or another guardian or relative internationally.  If a visa is required for travel, minors (under age of 16) will often need this letter for a visa to be granted from the destination country, as well.  This notarized letter, which you can get notarized at your local bank, needs to include the name and contact information of the non-traveling parent, a note granting permission/ authorization for baby’s travel, and the specific destination and duration of the trip for baby.

7) Copy of up-to-date medical records and immunizations (include your pediatrician’s contact number).  You will want these records just in case baby needs any medical care while traveling.

8) Hotel/ lodging information (address, phone, directions) and local travel arrangements (public transportation stop, car rental reservation number/ location, etc.)

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