20 Steps to Prepare for International Travel with Baby

We happily survived the long 25+ hour trip from Chicago to Johannesburg!

1)       Get a U.S. passport for baby

2)      Pick your destination and determine length of stay

3)      If you are traveling for work with baby, identify a care provider situation that works for you

4)      Decide if baby will travel as infant-in-lap or get a regular seat and purchase your airline tickets

5)      If necessary, get travel visas and notarized authorization letter from a parent if traveling with only one parent or another guardian

6)      Call the airline and request seats, such as aisle or bulkhead with bassinet

7)      Visit the CDC and visit a travel clinic if you are traveling to a destination for which your baby may require immunizations or special travel advice

8)      Make sure you are up-to-date on routine well-baby visits and get a copy of up-to-date medical records and immunizations for your child

9)      Purchase any prescribed medications or preventive medications that baby may need

10)      Research baby-friendly sight-seeing, hotels, restaurants, and transport options

11)   Book an apartment, hotel, B&B, or other accommodation

12)    Identify if public transportation will be available, make a car rental reservation if necessary, and determine if you’ll need to bring a car seat along

13)   Identify how much perishable supplies and things you might need that will be difficult to find at your destination for the length of visit (plus one week) and purchase (this might include squeezable baby food and snacks, or disposable diapers and wipes)

14)   Identify, based on your destination, what baby gear and toys/ books you might need, and what will be best to leave behind (E.g. stroller, crib, car seat, etc.)

15)   Organize all of your travel documents in one place

16)   Organize and pack checked bags after checking luggage allowance with airline

17)   Pack carry-on bags including a health kit

18)   Buy a language dictionary or look-up some common phrases online to teach to baby/ kids

19)   Talk to baby and small children about what you are doing and where you are going while packing, involving them in the packing process and allowing them to help pick their favorite things if old enough

20)  Away we go!  Enjoy the ride!

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