Packing Guide: 6 month to 1 year baby

This packing guide is meant to be flexible and includes both essentials and optional items to bring along for a baby 6 months to 1 year in his/ her checked bag.  This list is based on a two week + international trip that assumes laundry will be done at least every 2-3 days.  Numbers of items may need to be adjusted, if for example, you are taking a two week trip and don’t plan on doing any laundry during that time.

–          Baby toiletry bag with essential medicines, baby shampoo/ body wash, hair brush/ comb, and baby toothbrush/ toothpaste if baby has teeth

–          Diapers:

  • If you are using cloth diapers (and plan on washing every 2-3 days with/without automated dryer):
  • If you are using disposable diapers: At least enough diapers and wipes for one day for when you arrive before you buy more locally
  • Consider using hybrid diapers like Flip (one size) or G-diapers (fitted sizes, including a newborn size), which come with washable/ reusable cloth inserts, and also come with biodegradable, non-toxic, flushable disposable inserts in case you don’t have access to laundry on your trip (and pack enough disposable inserts for your trip)

–          Clothing: All clothing should be comfortable, breathable, easy to get on/ off, and preferably darker in color/ printed so that stains/ dirtiness are not as noticeable.  Opt for light weight clothing that can be layered.

  • 7 pairs of socks
  • 7 onsies (either short- or long-sleeve or combination depending on weather)
  • 7 outfits (pants/ shirt combos/ dresses depending on weather
  • 2 sweaters/ pull-overs for layering in case of cool weather
  • 1 pair crib shoes
  • 2 hats (either sun or winter depending on weather)
  • 1 jacket (lightweight or heavy, depending on weather)
  • 3 pairs pajamas and/or two sleep sacks (weight/ material depends on weather)
  • 2 pairs of cloth swimmers (if swimming is a possibility)

–          Food supplies:

–          Other:

Everything should fit comfortably into a large duffle bag.   I like to organize clothes, food items, and toys into separate packing cubes, and use compression sacks for bulkier blankets and cloth diapers.  Larger items such as a portable crib, booster seat, stroller, etc. will need to be packed in a separate bag.  Keep in mind that baby is typically only allowed one bag up to 50 pounds/ 23 kilos on most airlines, so going beyond one bag due to larger items will either paying for an additional bag, or making sure that other family members’ luggage is minimized so that there is one extra allowed bag of someone else’s that can be used for baby’s additional items.

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10 thoughts on “Packing Guide: 6 month to 1 year baby”

  • Just wanted to say I’m finding your lists well organized and thought-out! Thanks for the help – I’m planning a five day car trip right now (not nearly as difficult as your trips!) but this is helping make sure I’ve got my bases covered.

    • Hi Amy, thanks for the feedback! I’m glad that you are finding useful information. Good-luck on the five day car trip! That still is a lot of traveling time that you’ll need to keep your little one entertained and happy. The thing about cars is that they have to be strapped in for long periods, whereas on planes at least they can move around a bit. We always plan on taking lots of rest stops to let her loose, otherwise she starts to protest :). I’d love to hear from you after your trip on how it went! Jessica

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  • Thanks for this list. My husband and I will be traveling with our two daughters to London from Miami. We plan on going in late August and they will be 2 yrs (32 months to be exact) and 10 going on 11 months old at the time. Any suggestions on traveling with 2 small ones?

    • Those are two challenging ages to travel with, but I am sending you lots of positive traveling vibes! Are you looking for suggestions on packing for two small ones, or traveling with two small ones in general? It will be helpful that both you and your husband are traveling, so as much as you can divide and conquer (E.g. husband responsible for keeping the two year old engaged, you responsible for keeping the younger one happy), the easier it might be. How do you plan on traveling through airports with them? Are you bringing a stroller or leaving it at home? I would use a baby carrier for the younger one to free up hands for one of you, even if you are using a stroller for the older one. Pack enough food and snacks in your carry-on for both, as airlines often don’t carry food and snacks that are baby/toddler-friendly, or that they’ll like. Consider packing one back-pack style diaper bag devoted to baby’s stuff and a separate toddler carry-on that can help your two year old feel like he/she is part of the journey. His/ her bag can be filled primarily with toys for the flight. I just purchased the Trunki for my babe, which she LOVES, which I plan on using instead of a stroller. I love (and so does she) because it’s roomy enough to fit diapers/ clothes, but also lots of toys, but can still fit easily under an airplane seat for easy toy access. It’s fun as it functions as a little scooter when you get off the plane and through the airport, and also comes with a tether so you can pull it along. I highly recommend it! I think it’s better than something that can only be carried because of the versatility and fun.

      If you haven’t, check out my articles on jet lag in “Enjoying the Ride.” If you have specific questions about traveling, I’m happy to discuss, as well!

  • Forgot to mention that we’re planning on renting a car and staying with family. Space at the family’s home will be tight. We don’t want to take too many things such as a pack n play and 2 car seats. The car seats we can get from the car rental but where can we get a pack n play for our youngest? Are there places where we can rent over seas?

    • Hi Kelly,

      I understand your desire to travel light! We try our best to do that, as well. We do always travel with a car seat, though, for safety reasons. I recommend you read this article from Delicious Baby on the dangers of using car seats from rentals, and suggestions (if you are going to use them) on questions to ask to make sure the seats you are getting are safe.

      I am not aware of places where you can rent pack’n’plays or cribs overseas. We usually just have baby sleeping in bed with us at home and when we travel, which is one solution (if you do so safely). You could consider (if you are comfortable) asking family if they have any friends that might have a small crib or pack’n’play that can be borrowed while you are there. Otherwise, you could consider purchasing a more portable bed option for you 10 month old. It’s sort of a tricky age since baby might be a little too small for the more convenient toddler travel beds, and a little too big for some of the portable bassinet options (both of which baby could crawl out of). You could consider something like the Woombie, which baby could obviously crawl out of, but if placed on the floor in a safe area it shouldn’t be an issue. There are other fold away travel bassinets you could consider, but might be a little small for a 10/11 month old and you still have the crawling issue. If you’re really concerned about having a safe crib for your young one, you’ll need to see if someone can provide you one/ lend one there or suck up the extra baggage and bring your Pack’n’Play.

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