8 Ways to Make Flying While Pregnant More Comfortable

8 Ways to Make Flying While Pregnant More Comfortable

It can be really challenging to get comfortable when flying pregnant, especially the bigger the belly gets, and the more baby squishes intestines and bladder out of the way to make a bigger home for him/ herself.  I recommend the following to make flying while pregnant more comfortable:

1) Drinking as much water as you can throw down to prevent dehydration and keep circulation going

2) Getting up frequently to walk up and down the aisles (you’ll probably be getting up frequently to go to the bathroom, anyway)

3) Doing stretches (you can always find a little space somewhere- usually by the bathrooms).

4) Wearing very comfortable, loose clothing (I always opt for maternity yoga clothes, making sure I have nothing that’s going to be tight/ cut into my waist) and comfortable flat slip-on shoes

5) Considering purchase of compression socks to help minimize swelling of ankles/ feet, especially during long flights (over 3 hours)

6) Considering purchase of a pregnancy pillow to keep you comfortable for very long international flights (it’s a bit cumbersome to travel with because it’s bulky, but it’s light, and it’s definitely helped me get comfortable and get rest while pregnant on long flights)

7) Requesting a bulkhead or aisle seat so you have more room to stretch your legs

8) Wearing your seat belt low under your belly

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