Trek to the Taj Mahal with Kids

It’s Safari Saturday.  Every Saturday I’ll post a blog on specific places in the world that can be fun to travel with kids and/or toddlers and babies that might be less traditional than, say, a trip to Disney.  Readers are encouraged to reply with their own experiences traveling to unique, or perhaps challenging, places in the world (or in the U.S.) with babies or kidlets, or email me about your traveling experience and it could be featured on the next Safari Saturday.

Women gazing at the Taj

It’s truly breath-taking and extraordinary.  It’s quite possible to spend an entire day gazing at the Taj Mahal from various angles as the sun hits it in different ways and changes the colors to different shades of whites and yellows throughout the day.  It’s even more incredible if you spend some time reading about the history of, and the inspiration behind, the Taj Mahal.  A trip to the Taj Mahal can be exciting for small children who enjoy story-telling by mom and dad, and enjoy soaking in the sights of the towering structures, the detailed inscriptions, and the people dressed in colorful saris all around.

The Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra, which is a surprisingly small and quiet run-down town with not much going on beyond the attraction of the Taj.  It’s a short 3 hour train ride from New Delhi, which is also a selling point for travel with small kids.  What kid doesn’t enjoy a train ride and all the sights to see (landscapes, animals, people)?  It can be an exciting journey for a small child, and an easy way to transport a baby.  If you plan on staying the night in Agra, you might also have time the next morning to check out the nearby Agra Fort to add more to the story-telling fun about the history of the Taj and its builder.

Taj Mahal in the reflecting pool

Just beware of water sanitation and hygiene with small kids.  Don’t indulge in any street food, and especially not in any food offered for sale aboard the train, as delicious and tempting as it may appear, and only use bottled water for yourself and baby/ child.  You can find lavish and expensive accommodation in Agra, as well as budget- and average-priced hotels.  Although most places in India I’d say you’re crazy if you plan on using a stroller, a train ride and visit to the Taj Mahal is one place where you could actually get away with using one.

How fun would it be to take your child to one of the Wonders of the World?

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