Choosing a Worthy Diaper Bag

Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag

When you are traveling long distances overseas with a baby (or two, or three…) you need a comfortable, well-organized and roomy diaper bag.  This is what you want to look for when investing in a diaper bag you plan on using for the long hauls:

1) Comfort: It needs to be comfortable for you to wear, and I have found after trying out several different styles that a back-pack style bag is hands-down the most comfortable diaper bag you can buy.  I have used a well-organized and comfortable single-strap messenger  type diaper bag, and will never go back to using them through airports.  They slip off my shoulder, weigh down with all the weight on one shoulder and my neck, and is not convenient to carry across the chest, especially if you’re wearing a baby.

2) Roomy: It needs to be big enough to comfortably contain everything, especially for a long international journey.  The number of diapers you’ll need will take upon enough space, alone.  I’ve been in situations where my bag hasn’t been big enough (diapers, multiple changes of clothes, toys, food, etc.), and I’ve dreaded opening the bag because I knew it would be a struggle to close it.  I’ve also recently been streamlining my own carry-on with baby’s so I only have one carry-on to bring, putting my own personal belongings in the bag along with baby’s (including a laptop).  This is really essential if traveling alone with a baby or small kids.

3) Organized: It needs to be well-organized with thoughtfully designed compartments keeping in mind all of the random baby essentials that need to come along for the long-haul.  I’ve used bags with a few big compartments, and everything ends up jumbled, and I end up irritated and digging with everything in a mess.  If you’re on a long trip, it helps to have a bag to keep medicines, diapers, toys, clothes, food, etc. all organized easily-accessible separate spaces.

After scouring the market, it seems that the bag that best fits these criteria is the Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Bag.  Two other diaper bags that follow behind, but that are worth consideration are the Columbia Baby Backpack with Ripstop Trim and the DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag.

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