Save Space with Compression Sacks

Geared toward camping/ backpacking, these great compression sacks are wonderful space savers in baby’s checked bag for bulky items such as baby blankets, sweaters, and jackets.  I also find the x-small size very useful for keeping my own set of spare clothes, as well as spare clothes for baby, compact in our carry-on to save space.

The Granite Gear Round Rock Solid Compression Sack product description: “We designed these stuff sacks to easily compress lofty items such as sleeping bags and clothing to a nearly rock solid state. The unique design evenly distributes the stress of compression and prevents bulging.”

As I continue to streamline my packing to reduce the number of checked bags we bring with us, even on longer trips, I am finding that it is  easier to travel lighter by combining my own things with baby’s suitcase into just one checked back.  The sacks also come in a variety of sizes, and it often helps to have a couple in different sizes (E.g. one for blankets, and one for dirty laundry).  Compression sacks can be a great way to save on space to accomplish this by reducing the bulk of items, and dirty laundry too!

Although this guide (provided on the back of the packaging) is geared toward camping gear for which the product is made, it’s a helpful comparison guide to selecting a size for things you want to stuff:

Bivy Sacks-XS,SM
Down Jackets-XS,SM
Down 30+ Mummy bag-XS,SM
Lightweight Fleece Jacket-XS,SM
Midweight Fleece Jacket-SM
15 to 20 Down Mummy Bag-SM,M
2-Person Backpacking Tent-SM,M,LG
Synthetic 25+ Mummy Bag-M,LG
0 to 10 Down Mummy Bag-M,LG
Synthetic 10 to 20 Bags-M,LG
Synthetic 0 Mummy Bags-Lg,XL
Down -10 to -20 Mummy Bags-LG,XL
3-Person Backpacking Tent-XL
4-Person Tents-XL
Synthetic -20 Mummy Bags-2XL
Winter Synthetic Rectangular-2XL,3XL

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