Top 10 Baby Travel Essentials

After traveling with a baby internationally over a dozen times and on over three dozen separate flights to places in Africa, South America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the U.S., I’ve determined what the top travel essentials are when traveling with a baby.

1) Baby wrapthe easiest, most comfortable and efficient way to travel with a child under 2 years old

2) Back-pack style diaper bagit’s critical to choose a comfortable and well-organized diaper bag to make sure things are easily accessible and easy to carry on long trips with baby

3) Car seata safety must for any travel that involves cars, especially in developing countries which often lack public transportation options

4) Squeezable organic baby foodthe healthiest, easiest food option for baby on-the-go if you’re not able to make your own

5) Portable musicthe best source of constant entertainment, engagement, and stimulation for all ages (with lots of mileage)

6) Breastfeeding/ pumping gearneeded gear for any breastfeeding/ pumping mom that is traveling

7) Cloth diapersthe easier, cheaper, environmentally-friendly option for poo containing on the go, especially if traveling to developing countries that lack sound waste/ sanitation infrastructure

8) Point-and-shoot camera: never leave home without one

9) Health kit: this should be tailored specific to baby’s needs, but should include basics such as thermometer, fever reducer, teething relief, and gripe water, as well as any prescribed medicines

10) Wet bags and compression sacks: these keep dirty diapers, clothes, spit rags, or anything dirty separate from everything else, and traveling with a couple of x-small compression sacks will keep extra clothes changes and dirty items compact to save space

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