Baby Wearing Basotho-Style

Baby Wearing Basotho-Style
Papa wearing Veda in a Moby wrap the Moby Way

My husband and I love our Moby wrap that both of us frequently use to tote our babe around comfortably and hands-free.  If I could have only one thing in the world to make traveling with a baby easy, it would be a baby wrap.  If Veda could talk, I would imagine she might say the same.  Click here to read more about why the baby wrap is so essential for travel with baby.

It took us a little while to get used to wrapping the six feet of material around the waist, over each shoulder, under the midsection, baby in, around the waist, and tie under baby (did you get that?)…

Today I walked inside our cottage in South Africa and saw a completely new way of using the Moby wrap.  Mampho is helping take care of Veda while I work from home during the day.  She simply doubles up the wrap and ties Veda to her back.  They walk around and look at baby ducklings this way, and sometimes go and walk around the sleepy little mountain town, Ladybrand, on the border of South Africa and Lesotho.

All the black women in South Africa and Lesotho with babies and toddlers wear their babies on

Mampho wearing Veda in the Moby wrap the Basotho way

the back like this, usually tied with a heavier blanket.  The first time Mampho tried this Veda protested and pushed her hands against Mampho’s back, but she now loves it.  I’m not sure if she would accept riding on me the same way, but it works well for them, and I like knowing that my baby is attached this way to Mampho while I am occupied.

Baby wearing is common practice in most parts of the world, and is becoming more popular now in the U.S. for good reason- baby is happiest close to mom (and sometimes dad or Mampho).

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