Saving India’s Rivers from Diapers

In June we spent a month in India with Veda, who was going through about 8-10 diapers per day.  They do not have garbage pick-up, or even a place to bring garbage to, so every morning people walk out of their house a block down to the river and throw their trash in the riverbed.  Either that, or they burn it in their backyard.

I was happy that I didn’t throw approximately 300 diapers (10 diapers x 30 days) into the riverbed while we were in India.  It’s still debated whether or not cloth diapers are better for the environment, given the water and energy used to wash them, but for those of us traveling with babies to developing countries, usually with poor sanitation and waste disposal services, I think it’s pretty difficult not to see the benefits of not adding 300 dirty diapers to a deteriorating river bed.

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